The Loxone Smart Church

19th October 2017 in Case Studies
Although Loxone Smart Home Technology is intended for use in residential homes, it can also be found in special projects such as breweries, cars, and in this case, churches. We have quite a few of them as case studies: the most famous church in Barcelona, the Matthew Church in Budapest, an Evangelical church in Germany, and a few other little churches in Austria.

With this case study, we would like to show you the possibility of using Loxone within a church. This specific church is located in Loxone’s hometown in Austria – and we promise you’ll be impressed.

A lighting mood for each occasion

For many people, a church is a holy place where several important ceremonies take place: Sunday mass, weddings, christenings, and more. In this church, there’s a perfect lighting mood for each of these occasions. Just one click of a Loxone Touch Switch or a tap of the Loxone Smart Home App can change the feel of the whole environment.

Temperature & humidity control

The temperature and humidity of the whole church is consistently monitored. This allows the temperature to be controlled to ensure ultimate comfort during the ceremony whatever the weather. Additionally, the historical books and sculptures need to be protected from high humidity levels that would otherwise damage and degrade these articles over time.

The temperature of the heating is completely controlled via a Loxone Miniserver and HVAC system. During the winter the temperature of the church is kept at a minimum of 13°C. Not too warm to take off your winter jacket, but also not too cold to turn on the additional seat heating. Where the Loxone Miniserver accounts for both the temperature and humidity of the church, the HVAC system is adjusted accordingly to avoid humidity levels rising above 70%.

Safe place

Unfortunately, churches are sometimes the target of theft. Due to this constant threat, this church is protected via the Loxone Smart Home system. In the case of a burglary, the lights in the church begin to flash and a loud siren begins to wail, exposing the intruder. The church caretaker is also immediately notified through a call to his phone and push notification via the Loxone Smart Home App.

Loxone Smart Home App
Church Organ