Spotlight: WUTEH Warehouse and Office Centre

Zsanett Koves
1st December 2023 in Case Studies

The effects of the Loxone building automation system have exceeded all expectations at the WUTEH warehouse and office centre in Poland. The investor predicted a 10-15% reduction in power usage at first, and yet they managed to save an outstanding 90% of consumption after installing our energy-efficient automation solutions on the premises. This is an excellent example of how modern technologies and smart solutions can contribute to sustainable improvement and help with cost savings for any building.

Located near the centre of Szczecin, the facility of P.P.U.T. WUTEH Sp. z o.o. stretches over more than 8,000 square metres. The premises consist of a warehouse, a production area and an office space. The Loxone building automation system – with special focus on efficient energy management – have revolutionised everyday life throughout the facility.

Inteligentna dystrybucja ciepła w P.P.U.T. WUTEH Sp. z o.o.

Heat distribution

One of the main challenges of this installation was efficient temperature management. The large-scale facility houses 1,200 square metres of offices and 5,500 square metres of warehouses, where the comfort temperature is now automatically maintained at all times (18 degrees and 21 degrees respectively). Previously, the heat pump was on all the time, consuming 17-18 kW for 24 hours a day. An employee had to manually adjust the heat levels to protect the pipes from freezing over.

With the Loxone system installed, the heat pump is now operated by intelligent automation. The physical presence of workers is no longer needed, and the pumps use much less energy, often operating at 10-30% of their capacity. The system takes the weather forecasts into account, allowing automatic adjustment of the heat supplied to the heating node.

Zarządzanie wodą w centrum magazynowo-biurowym WUTEH

Managing escapes of water

The project also includes safety solutions. Water Sensor Air devices and smart meters detect escapes of water, so staff can quickly identify and repair any leaks. This not only saves water resources but can also help to minimise potential financial losses due to damage.

Instalacja fotowoltaiczna na dachu WUTEH w Szczecinie

Solar energy management

45kWp photovoltaic cells were also installed on the roof of the facility. The amount of solar energy produced is automatically adjusted to the current consumption by the Loxone energy management system, which also stores the accumulated solar power and helps with the subsequent billing.

Sterowanie pracą pomp ciepła w aplikacji Loxone

Operation of electric motors

The control of electric motors is also a key element of this project. Motors that run at full power consume more energy than those that run at lower speeds. With the Loxone automation system, the motors are intelligently controlled via the Loxone App when required, resulting in huge energy savings and much less wear-and-tear on mechanical components.

The installation at P.P.U.T. WUTEH Sp. z o.o. is excellent proof that innovative solutions can not only improve energy efficiency, but also reduce the environmental impact of business operations. Carried out by Loxone Gold Partner Grazzo, this project has proven that the future of building automation can be greener and more economical.

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