Wiise is the UK’s first Platinum Partner

6th November 2018 in Backstage
We are proud to announce that Wiise has become the first Loxone Platinum Partner in the UK. Their commitment to embracing the professional smart home installation industry as a company, and their persistent vision of commissioning Real Smart Homes, is inspiring.

All to plan

To coincide with their promotion to Platinum Partner, Wiise have delivered a showroom that perfectly demonstrates the possibilities of Loxone when it comes to lighting, heating, cooling, security, access control, automatic shading and more. It is a versatile space that allows them to meet with customers; who can experience first-hand the features that they will one day live with in their own home. It also includes spaces to review plans and go through the technical specifications to be able to commission the required functionality.

I recently visited the Wiise showroom in Tring, Hertfordshire, to meet up with the team. It was great to find out more about their journey to Platinum and what it is like having such a slick space to now call their own…

Take a look around

<iframe webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen src="https://live.tourdash.com/embed/a507f8c2e520420c9abc6db59ab72d50?bg=rgba(26,172,214,1)&fg=rgba(255,255,255,1)&txt=Tap%20to%20view%20the%20virtual%20tour" frameBorder="0" style="width:960px;height:500px"></iframe>

Demonstrating Real Smart Home features


This show space perfectly demonstrates the options of smart lighting that can address the needs of ambient, task and accent lighting in a Real Smart Home. From warm white downlights for functionality, to colour LED strip for detailing on the stairs and colour changing designer pendant lights; all complement the form and function of the surroundings.


Far too often when you have both heating and cooling sources in the same building, these aren’t integrated and so there is the possibility that these systems end up working against each other. In the Wiise showroom, they can demonstrate intelligent room climate control with both the zoned heating and air conditioning automated by Loxone to ensure a comfortable temperature.


Security and access control can be demonstrated with a full burglar alarm linked to the automatic shading, lighting and Loxone Music Server. Access control elements include the Loxone Intercom XL with video and two-way audio; and the NFC Code Touch which can both unlock the electronic door lock, giving Wiise the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the variety of options available.

Going up

With Dan at the helm, Wiise has a certain edge that contributes to their effectiveness in the industry. This is demonstrated in their show space not being your typical office space. Part of it has been integrated into a disused lift shaft with an exceptionally clever use of space while retaining the uniqueness of such a location.

The journey to Platinum

Wiise has been on a consistent curve of success as a company and as a Loxone Partner. The company made their first purchase of Loxone hardware at the end of 2015. In less than three years they have proven their integrity as professional smart home installers worthy of being the first Loxone Platinum Partner in the UK.
The entire Loxone UK team would like to congratulate Dan Milne, and everyone at Wiise, on this achievement. It’s a pleasure to be represented by such a professional team in the smart home installation industry and we look forward to contributing to their continued growth for years to come. It is an accomplishment well-deserved.