Solar Energy Monitoring with Fronius and Loxone

12th November 2013 in Backstage

We’ve teamed up with European energy experts Fronius to offer everyone enjoying, or thinking of enjoying, a solar-powered Loxone Smart Home the opportunity to be able to monitor their energy use, increase their self-consumption and – ultimately – cut costs.

The Austrian company describe themselves as ‘the leader in the field of solar electronics’ and were keen to team up with us on the project as we were with them. Only by combining our respective forward-thinking technologies have we both been able to offer a fully-comprehensive solar energy monitoring and management system to our users.

Loxone and Fronius

Why is it important to monitor your energy consumption in a home powered by the sun? Well, if you can identify where your energy goes and how much you use, you can take more control and increase the amount of energy you use at source. It gives you more autonomy. It also provides users with many useful applications, such as the ability to control a wide range of electronics according to the amount of current being produced by the solar panels installed. You could even charge an electric car if you so desired! It’s up to you and the amount of current you’re producing.

And it’s so simple…

Easy Plug & Play
The Fronius solar inverter is so simply connected to our Miniserver – you just use a regular network cable. All the inverter data can be processed in the control system without any further configuration work needed.

Effectively maximising self-consumption
Targeted switching/changing of consumers, for example according to PV power, weather, time, or other such factors, can really help to increase levels of self-consumption and massively reduce electricity/utility bills.

Always be in the know
The Miniserver also displays the photovoltaic system yield/your energy data and sets this off against your home’s demand for current. This allows your level of self-consumption to be monitored at any time, allowing you to make intelligent and informed adjustments to your set-up if required.

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