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Philipp Schuster
17th January 2014 in Know How

Picking the best music server and wireless home audio setup can be a bit of a task. Which system do you opt for? How do you work out which solution will suit you best? Well, you can always look at online music server reviews to help guide you. So you’ve come to the right place!

Our new multiroom audio offering is selling well, with lots of people all over the world enjoying our fantastic new solution since its inception just a few weeks ago.

When combined with the MiniserverLoxone Speakers and a 12 Channel Amplifierour Music Server can help you enjoy perfect multiroom sound in every room in your Smart Home.

If you missed the Christmas rush and are now thinking of making 2014 a year of great sound, why not read all the details about our new multiroom audio server?


To see how our Music Servers fit into a Smart Home, we asked some Loxone employees who have a Music Server hooked up to their Miniserver. Here’s what a few of them had to say…


Our CEO Martin is a family man. With a wife and two sons, it’s important to Martin that he’s not the only person who can access music at home. There’s no sense in multiroom audio being set up and bamboozling most of the people living with it:

“My personal highlights are the seamless integration and ease of use. When one of us walks into the bathroom in the morning, music automatically turns on. If we’re having a barbecue or something outside, the music comes on when the patio door opens automatically. And turns off when everyone’s left and we shut the patio door. There’s no fiddling with complicated remotes and settings.”



Philip, our UK MD is into his sports and exercise and likes to keep fit to a soundtrack:

“My favourite feature of our Music Server is the seamless integration it has with AirPlay. When I set off for a bike ride or run, I can have the music in the house pushed to my iPhone. As soon as I plug my headphones into my phone, I’m listening to the music playing in the house. And I’m off out on my workout, buoyed by tunes! When I come back home and pull the headphones out of my iPhone, the music continues to play in my Smart Home automatically. Now that’s smart!”

Learn more about the AirPlay feature



Our man Florian is a huge music buff with a massive collection of albums, so many that he often encounters problems with memory, storage and digital transfers on his digital music devices:

“At last count, my collection came in at around 30,000 songs – which is about 1024GB/1TB… So transferring all this data to new devices can be a massively time-consuming and tedious job. Thank God for the iTunes Sync tool on the Music Server, then. My music collection was easily synchronised and now sits there in the Music Server happily.”



For Project Developer Manuel and his wife Vicky, the issue of energy saving is never far from their minds:

“We like being able to take total control of the Music Server via the app. It means that we can turn individual zones on or off, never leaving music on in a room unnecessarily, wasting energy. We can also switch the server off completely from the app, giving us peace of mind that we haven’t just put it on standby or silent.” 



Andi likes hosting people and treating his guests to a great audio experience:

“Music’s always an important part of any get-togethers I have round mine. Playing music in different rooms through AirPlay and via iPhones and iPads from different sources like internet radio and Spotify and things is cool. And my friends love it.”



For Milan, our MD in the Czech Republic, the fact that the Music Server is ‘plug & play’ is the highlight:

“The Music Server really is a must-have for all Smart Home builders and Retrofitters. After all, why have a Smart Home but a dumb audio setup? My favourite thing about Loxone’s multiroom solution is how ridiculously easy it is to set the whole thing up. The Music Server can be configured in about five minutes. That’s true ‘plug & play’. Our next Loxone Config version will make setting things up even easier with a special in-built module too. Even better!”


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