Hear the difference – Introducing a simple yet impressive modern Hi-Fi solution

1st December 2021 in Technology
Since January 2021, quadral has been part of the Loxone group of companies. This has seen us combining a decade of building automation expertise with 40 years of high-end audio experience. We’re pleased to announce that Loxone Partners can now benefit from this combined engineering excellence.

quadral speakers now available directly from Loxone 

With quadral now under the Loxone umbrella, it is now easier for our Partners to offer their customers a truly word-class audio solution with an impressive price-to-performance ratio and a diverse range of speakers to suit different installation requirements. As of today, the sales and distribution of quadral in the UK will be handled directly by Loxone.

This means over 80 premium audio products are now available to Loxone Partners to purchase on our newly-designed webshop. Check it out now!

Together with quadral, we have set ourselves the goal of combining fantastic sound with modern connectivity. So, thanks to the combination of the Audioserver from Loxone and the impressive range of speakers from quadral, there is finally a simple solution for comprehensive Hi-Fi listening. This brings the Hi-Fi listening experience to be part of a comprehensive audio solution – including Spotify, TuneIn and, of course, your personal audio collections. In terms of quality, both worlds are perfectly suited together. That is because quadral speakers, just like Loxone products, are designed to last the lifetime of a building. Plus, thanks to regular updates, this new audio solution always stays up to date.

Rüdiger Keinberger

CEO, Loxone Electronics GmbH

A simple solution for Hi-Fi listening

The world of audio and the high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) reproduction of sound for a masterful listening experience has changed rapidly over the recent decades. On the one hand, there are complex Hi-Fi solutions that guarantee fantastic sound and durability. Then, on the other hand, there are smart speakers that focus on connectivity and simplicity, with sound quality often taking a back seat in this segment.

Together with quadral, we have made it our goal to combine the best of both worlds – fantastic sound with modern connectivity. From today, you can now offer your customers a simple yet impressive audio solution boasting a remarkable Hi-Fi listening experience.

For the long run

Just like the Loxone Miniserver and its various extensions, the Audioserver and quadral loudspeakers have been designed to work for the entire lifetime of a building. With this, we are bucking the trend of increasingly short-lived electronics, which are unfortunately as prominent in the area of wireless speakers. In addition, quadral offers a comprehensive repair service for all its speakers, should the need ever arise.

Plus, thanks to regular free updates, this powerful audio solution always stays up to date.

Music accompanies us throughout our lives. Our emotional state reflects what we are listening to at that moment. We at quadral have made it our mission to offer the highest quality music reproduction at affordable prices for everyone. Our wealth of experience in the Hi-Fi sector guarantees an audible “ahhhh” experience. The solid connection between quadral and Loxone opens up new excellent possibilities to give your customers a slice of audio happiness.

Volker Schwerdtfeger

CEO, quadral GmbH

In the spotlight this month

The following quadral products are in the spotlight for Loxone Partners this month. Check out your Partner Newsletter or speak with your Partner Coach for more information.


The SIGNUM 70 delivers a powerful and cleanly structured bass – hard to believe and certainly unique given its modest size. The midrange follows the bass with elegance and feeling, and reproduce the music in all its natural clarity.

The extraordinary RiCom SIGMA tweeter is possibly the crowning glory. Producing elegant detail and fine definition for fuller sound.

Proud and explosive like a large loudspeaker, yet smooth and seamless like a compact one – listening to music with the SIGNUM 70 is a true pleasure.



Both quick in its response and refined in its delivery – that is how you can imagine the musical experience of the SIGNUM 20 bookshelf speakers. The confident bass reproduction reflects the cosy warmth of a summer evening while the frequency range reproduces audio that creates a comforting listening experience.

It can be tricky to write about audio so forgive us for the mix of adjectives. This speaker is like a blend of the best ingredients from quadral: The RiCom SIGMA tweeter provides a subtle touch with its brilliant high tone reproduction, while the titanium-coated woofer seamlessly takes over the powerful parts. The SIGNUM 20 is certainly big for its boots in the compact speaker segment.



And last but not least, the next speaker in the spotlight this month is the SIGNUM PHASE 1 – dedicated to all frequency ranges and is suitable both for music reproduction and for use in a home cinema system.

With the genes of the SIGNUM series, this loudspeaker is the perfect choice for integrating the best sound inconspicuously into the living space at home. Discreetly mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf, the SIGNUM PHASE 1 takes up hardly any space but plays surprisingly full-bodied and spirited audio.


Attractive Partner Offers

As a Loxone Partner, all of quadral’s high-end products are now available for you to purchase at attractive rates. Login to your webshop to view exclusive offers running until 24 December 2022 and browse the full range of quadral speakers available.

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