Smart Home Living at the Loxone Showhome

6th December 2016 in Case Studies



“Our best idea – Autopilot Living – is hard to put into words. You really have to experience what it’s like when the Loxone Smart Home is taking care of thousands of processes for you, completely inconspicuously. In our Smart Show Home, intelligence and convenience come together seamlessly to enhance living.

At last we have somewhere where we can really show off Autopilot Living as we open the doors to our very first Smart Show Home. We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Loxone Smart Homes. “



Especially with Loxone! In a Loxone Smart Home, Autopilot Living takes care of many daily tasks for you, so there is more time for the important things in life. Together with our Project Partners we have created the perfect space to showcase Autopilot Living in all its glory. Let the Loxone Showhome fill you with inspiration for your own project.


The hub of the Show Home is the stylish lounge. Upon walking in, the room fills with music and ambient lighting that flows through to the spacious kitchen, dining and lounge area. On dark and chilly days, the autopilot automatically brings on the fireplace to cast a cosy glow over the lounge. The plush seating and natural materials make it a relaxing and inviting place to relax after a busy day.

With just one click, the room can bring on the perfect lighting scene for a leisurely read, a lively party
or a thrilling evening of TV.


The Showhome features different lighting scenes throughout. When you walk into the Showhome, an ‘everyday’ lighting scene turns on and you are welcomed with music. When you are cooking, the lighting above the kitchen island will shine brightly. At the touch of a button or by simply tapping the app on your smartphone, you can change between lighting scenes. To avoid a room becoming too hot in the summer, the blinds can automatically close or tilt (seamlessly integrated with (with Geiger Antriebstechnik and Schlotterer blinds). At night, the blinds will know to close to give you some privacy.


A unique feature is the switch built into the stone worktop in the kitchen: Never miss a song, stop fumbling around in the dark looking for the switch, don’t worry about touching a switch with wet or dirty hands. Located next to the sink is switch made up of subtle grooves, carved into the Strasser countertops – the switch perfectly matches the layout and control of our Loxone Touch switches. The switch is only activated when you tap to use it and goes into standby after five seconds. From this switch, you can control the lighting, blinds and music.


With music, subtle lighting and a comfortable temperate, the bedrooms in the Showhome welcoming for all our guests. Whether you are there to work or relax, you can set the scene with lighting and music at the touch of a switch. When you turn on the TV, the autopilot will deactivate the music in the room for you.

A triple-click on the switch beside the bed then activates night mode. If you then get out of bed in the middle of the night, just the right amount of lighting comes on to highlight your path to the bathroom, so that you aren’t left dazzled by bright lights. The lights will then fade off when you are back in bed. It works just as you would want it to. Coupled with the custom-made Nösslböck beds, Autopilot Living ensures guests in the Showhome have a very pleasant stay.

Rise and shine

You can easily set your own alarm using the Loxone Smart Home App. Choose to be gently woken up with your music of choice and favourite colour lighting.

Refreshingly different

When you step into the bathroom, the music, lighting and ventilation are automatically activated. However, if it is the middle of the night, the music doesn’t come on and a dimmer lighting mode is activated. Soft lighting then guides your path back to bed.


As the sun sets the lights turn on automatically – bringing the outdoors to life. Perfect for a cozy summer evening around the barbeque. The autopilot knows that if the patio doors are open then the blinds should not be closed – which it would usually do to give you privacy if you were inside.


Never has using a sauna been this easy! Simply place your iButton on the reader and as long as it’s there – the sauna will be active. Alternatively, you can start the sauna straight from the Loxone Smart Home App. When the sauna is ready, the Showhome will announce ‘The sauna is ready for you’ through the speakers or send you a notification or email on your mobile. Enjoy the automatic settings or select your preferred steam intensity, lighting and music.


Thousands of tasks around the house being taken care of for you.
That is Autopilot Living!


In the Loxone Showhome, rooms come to life with different lighting scenes. The lighting in the Loxone Showhome works together to create the perfect atmosphere for whatever the room is being used for. Completely change the way a room looks using the various lighting scenes. The lighting scenes suit the mood, whether it’s for a romantic dinner for two, subtle indirect lighting while watching TV, or colourful lighting to get the party going… Give it a try for yourself!

Did you know? Violet light supposedly increases concentration! Why not set up your own learning atmosphere?


The Autopilot sets the perfect temperature throughout the house, room by room. At night, the temperate changes in the bedrooms to offer a perfect night’s sleep. During the day, the comfort temperature is set in the lounge. In the sauna a suitable 23°C degrees awaits you.


The Showhome makes sure that there is always fresh air. The central ventilation system is activated whenever someone is in the dining or living room. No more stuffy air thanks to autopilot!





The autopilot also includes an intelligent alarm system, alerting the residents to any dangers.


The fire alarm isn’t only active when you are asleep. It alerts all residents to a possible fire. The lights begin to flash, the escape route is illuminated and notifications are sent to all the residents’ smartphones. A warning announcement is made over the speakers and the blinds are opened to make the house transparent.


Burglars have no chance up against the Showhome. After a certain period of no one being in the home, the Showhome automatically arms itself. If the alarm is triggered, a call is made to the emergency contact, the lights begin to flash, and music is played throughout the house at maximum volume.

Power Failure

Special feature: The showhome can sometimes be left unattended for longer periods of time, so the refrigerator needs to be specifically monitored. If there is a power failure, the autopilot will send a message informing you so that you can take action.

Water Leak

To protect the home, electrical goods and appliances against water damage, water sensors have been placed in the kitchen and plant room. If water is detected, you will immediately be notified via email on your smartphone and call will be made to the emergency contact so that they can respond as soon as possible.


Guests can gain access into the Showhome using their unique iButton. This can be placed on the iButton reader at the front door, which then deactivates the alarm and unlocks the door.

If the intercom outside the front door is rung, then a chime will play in each of the rooms, except in bedrooms where ‘night mode’ is active. From your smartphone, you can then see who is at the door, speak to them, and even unlock the door for them.


The autopilot intelligently ensures the Showhome is energy efficient. It ensures, for example, that there is no overloading, and that the sauna, appliances and the charging of the electric car are done at the most opportune and energy-efficient times. When no one is at home, the lights turn off, the heating is lowered and appliances are turned off. When the PV panels are receiving enough sunlight, the power will be sent to the Fronius inverter which will in turn charge your electric car – so it doesn’t cost you anything! The fronius battery will then store any excess power.

The charging station at the Loxone Showhome is open to the public to use.


Location: Kollerschlag, Austria
Opened: 15.06.2016
Construction time: 9 Months
Floor space: 262m2
Rooms: 9; including 5 bedrooms
Construction type: Reinforced concrete with a timber frame
Energy efficiency rating: A
Build cost: € 700,000
Home automation: Loxone

Download the Loxone Showhome Factsheet >>


with CO2 probe
SAFETY: Intelligent Alarm:
Smoke alarm and fire detection
HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Underfloor Heating MULTIROOM AUDIO: Loxone Music Server
PV SYSTEM: 5 kWp on the roof
INVERTER: Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3M E-CHARGING STATION: Keba KECONTACT P20 Wallbox
BATTERY STORAGE: Fronius Solar Battery 4.5 BLIND MOTORS: Geiger Antriebstechnik
LIGHTING: Loxone – 100% LED SAUNA: Finnish-style sauna and evaporator



The following partners played a role in the construction of the Loxone Showhome – the first in Europe. Together, we have created the perfect space to showcase Autopilot Living with Loxone in action.

Kumpfmüller Bau GmbH & Co KG - Construction, Carpentry, Exterior

Partnerlogo Kumpfmueller

Kumpfmüller Bau is a third-generation family company that focuses on both tradition and innovation. We have been building with enthusiasm for more than half a century. High levels of customer satisfaction drives our success, making us one of the top construction companies in Upper Austria. With a motivated team of 100 experienced and skilled employees in the field of brick and timber construction, we are able to provide customers with competent and creative input at every stage of the project. We guarantee only the finest craftsmanship, ‘known as Mühlviertler Qualität, at a fair price. At Kumpfmüller Bau, we offer the full package where out customers benefit from accumulated knowledge, extensive expertise and a professional service all under one roof… Visit Website >



Strasser Steine GmbH - Kitchen Countertops

Partnerlogo StrasserSTRASSER Steine specialises in stoneware for kitchens. STRASSER is not only the leading brand for natural stone kitchen countertops in Central Europe, but is an international pioneer when it comes to natural stone kitchen islands. We are not only leaders in Austria, where we have around a 70% market share, but we are number one in Central Europe too. We supply well-known kitchen and furniture dealers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic. Exclusive materials, continuous innovation, excellent quality and ongoing customer-centricity ensure a truly unique range of natural stone products. Visit Website >



Strasser Steine

Johann Nösslböck GmbH - Bedroom Furnishings

Partnerlogo NössblöckA traditional company from Hofkirchen with years of experience in custom made upholstery, mattresses and box spring bed sets to suit a variety of people. Whether bespoke or off-the-shelf, individuality is paramount. In the upholstery workshop, every piece is made by hand. The mattresses are designed and produced using only the best materials, 100% sourced from Hofkirchen. Nösslböck has revolutionised the conventional box spring system with great success. Unique in design and made to measure. Offering exceptional support, but unlike traditional box spring beds this is done without using metal. It gives you an incomparably unique, dream-filled night’s sleep. The entire planning and production of beds was done in Hofkirchen. Visit Website >

Nössblöck Polster

Schlotterer Sonnenschutz Systeme GmbH - Shading Systems

Partnerlogo Schlotterer‘Schlotterer directs light and shadow’ – developed with this principle in mind, Schlotterer Sonnenschutz Systeme GmbH produces intelligent sun protection solutions that not only provide high levels of comfort, but also make a significant contribution to the reduction in energy consumption used for cooling, heating and lighting. At a site in Adnet (Salzburg), 370 employees produce more than 300,000 sunscreen and insect repellent elements across thousands of variants available in more than 200 different colours. The product range includes blinds, Venetian blinds, insect screens and shutters. Innovations such as the Tageslichtraffstore RETROLux are realised through the company’s own research and development department are one of the reasons that Schlotterer are the market leaders in Austria when it comes to the best use of light and shadow with Venetian blinds. Visit Website >

Schlotterer Beschattung

M-TEC Energie.Innovativ GmbH - Heating, Air-Conditioning and PV Panels

Partnerlogo M-tecM-TEC Energie.Innovativ GbmH is run by the Arnreiter family. It specialises in energy-efficient heat pumps, photovoltaics, ventilation, heat recovery, and refrigeration. M-TEC offer tailor-made systems and solutions to ensure efficient installations, making them the market leaders in Austria and putting them well above the rest. Earlier this year, M-TEC introduced the most efficient heat pump to the market which reduces running costs by up to 25% compared to conventional heat pumps. The innovative control technology means the system is easy to use and it can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. To top all of that off, it can be seamlessly integrated into a Loxone Smart Home. Visit Website >


LEIBEZ Interieur Design E.U. - Planning, Design

Partnerlogo LeibezLeibez Interieur Design is the ideal design partner when it comes to unusual living concepts coupled with clear, harmonious design. From the overall design and visual impact, down to every little detail, each element is taken into account throughout the planning and design stages – all while making sure the customer’s requirements are met. With a clear and concise approach, they endeavour to meet the architectural brief of each project. In doing so, they take into consideration the lighting, textures, flooring and doors as well as the latest technological solutions and bring them together in perfect harmony. Leibez is like having your own personal project manager, seeing the project through from design to flawless implementation. Visit Website >

Leibez Interior

Fronius International GmbH - Inverter and Home Battery Storage

partnerlogo froniusFronius International is an Austrian company with its headquarters in Pettenbach and offices in Wels, Thalheim, Steinhaus and Sattledt. The company globally has 3,723 employees active in the fields of welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging technology. The export share of 90% is achieved by working with the 24 international Fronius subsidiaries and sales partners and representatives in more than 60 countries. With innovative products and services and 838 patents, Fronius leads in innovation at an international level. Visit Website >

Fronius Wechselrichter

Internorm International GmbH - Windows, Skylights, Ventilation

Partnerlogo InternormThe leading international window brand in Europe, Internorm meets the demands of trendsetting customers with the window and door solutions. Since its founding in 1931, the family business has its head office in Train, Upper Austria, and has produced more than 22.5 million window and door units. From being the pioneer of plastic windows, Internorm has long since evolved into the technology and innovation leader in the industry and a renowned supplier of high-quality wood and aluminium systems. Visit Website >


Gerhard GEIGER GmbH & Co. KG - Blind Motors

Partnerlogo GeigerThe name GEIGER Antriebstechnik is synonymous worldwide with innovative motorised sun protection solutions. The company has more than 320 employees, is one of the leading manufacturers of mechanical and electrical motors for Venetian blinds, awnings and blinds. GEIGER is a renowned medium-sized company, offering engineered solutions to sun protection the world over. Visit Website >

Geiger Antriebstechnik


Holz Fesl GmbH

Malerei Pernauer

Tischlerei Wuschko GmbH

Fliesen Gerald

Sauna Gahleitner

Eisner Stiegen

Grabner Metalltechnik GmbH

Breuer GmbH

Josko Aumüller-Stadler OG

Raumausstattung Schaubschläger

Glas Haider


Schlosserei Kartusch
Zur Website

Wolfgang Höglinger Mediendesign


Here are some more images of our amazing Loxone Showhome. Take a look at what we managed to create in nine months.