Loxone Campus

29th May 2020 in Backstage
This will be Europe’s centre of building automation: 300 new jobs, €55 million investment, nearly 20 acres of space, two years construction time – these are some of the impressive figures that briefly describe the new “Loxone Campus”. A unique project in Europe that will include the Loxone head office, a hotel, as well as training and logistics centres.

With our campus, we will enter a new dimension of intelligent building automation by showcasing all the characteristics that are true to our ‘Create Automation’ ethos.

Rüdiger Keinberger


In 2023, the opening of the Loxone Campus will mark yet another milestone in Loxone’s story. Among other things, the campus will include a warehouse and logistics centre of 3,000 square metres, and office space for approx. 300 additional employees. Of course, the entire Loxone Campus will benefit from all of the conveniences and advantages associated with intelligent building automation.

This will also apply to the in-house hotel complex. With 80 rooms, it offers enough space for Loxone Partners, participants of the Loxone Academy, and other visitors. The architectural masterpiece blends harmoniously into the hilly green landscape of Kollerschlag, Austria. Since the roof areas have been designed to be at one with the landscape, the real dimensions of the Loxone Campus are not immediately apparent when you look at the architect impression drawings. To get an understanding of just how vast an area it will be; the entire area covers about eleven football pitches.

A tangible experience.

The construction of the Loxone Campus will follow our philosophy: the comfort, security and energy-efficiency that Loxone’s home & building automation offers consumers, should be implemented throughout for a tangible experience – allowing everyone that visits to truly understand it.

The design reflects the Loxone slogan ‘Create Automation’ in all its facets throughout the campus. This gives our visitors and employees alike the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Loxone world, to explore and experience it, to gain a greater understanding of it all, in both the literal and physical sense.

Thomas Moser


But the Loxone Campus is much more than a playground for fans and enthusiasts of home & building automation. It is also a promise.

Investing in the future.

Especially in times of the Covid-19 crisis, the Loxone Campus is an important and positive signal for the Loxone employees and a whole region. This is an investment in the future of a company and an industry. A modern office suite, seminar rooms, the hotel, and the logistics centre all come together to form an essential and inspirational training, marketing and sales tool. And, as the current Loxone Basecamp already is, it will be the ‘best workplace for performers’ for our future Loxonauts who join our ever-growing team.

With the Loxone Campus we want to create a unique epicentre in Europe for everyone interested in Loxone and building automation. This applies to our Partners as well as to consumers, architects, project managers, intrigued enthusiasts and potential new employees. The immediate proximity to the German borders and thus to the important German market is but one important factor in this. At the same time, however, we’re naturally keeping a close eye on the world market to accelerate international growth, including in the USA and China. We will be looking to welcome visitors from all corners of the globe.

Martin Öller


Local expansion.

The company locally opened its doors in 2012, and just a couple years later Theale Lakes in Reading became the established home of the Loxone UK Basecamp – serving as a demonstration space, training facility and offices. Now, Loxone UK is also looking to greener pastures.

In the eight years that we have been in the UK, we have seen continued growth, and we are facing a similar situation as we face with our Basecamp in Austria. After only being in our UK offices for just over five years, we are looking to triple the size of our office in the latter half of 2020 to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for training and the growing size of our UK team. Such rapid growth has, at times, been challenging but overall, it is the best problem to have.

Philipp Schuster

Managing Director, UK

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