The top 6 things we love about our Smart Home

Krista Aumüller
6th December 2016 in Know How
We’re finally home. Seven weeks ago we moved into our new Loxone Home in Pennsylvania. A home that knows, welcomes, protects and cares for us and gives us time and an incredible living experience. It has been great to immerse ourselves in the Smart Home world and live with all the benefits, so today we’d like to share with you our six favorite features:

Stunning lights

The right lighting setup makes such a huge difference in the look and feel of any home, and with Loxone, it didn’t take much to make our home stand out. The whole setup is very simple, consisting solely of our LED spots and LED strips, however, the light scenes we can set up are simply breathtaking.In fact, the word on the street is that the whole neighbourhood is calling our home the ‘home with the lights’.

Here are some of our favorite scenes:

The party scene creates a great atmosphere for hosting and celebrating with friends
The cooking scene gives us plenty of light to see by and brightens up the kitchen
The night scene in the bedroom creates a feeling of warmth and coziness – just right for snuggling up on a winter’s night

Room temperature control

Our home automatically ensures the perfect temperature throughout every room. We have individual temperature zones for every single room. Kitchen 70°F, Bedroom 67°F, Study 69°F. They’re always at the right temperature at the right time of the day. Our smart heating keeps the living room cozy during the day and helps us drift off into a deep sleep in the cool bedroom at night.

Again the setup is pretty simple with the HVAC hooked up to the Loxone Miniserver and dampers installed to control the airflow to the individual rooms.

Automated Fireplace

Did you know that half of all homes built in the US have a fireplace built in. We love our fireplace – its glosy glow is so comforting on cold nights and rainy days. When we first moved in, it was a bit of a hassle always remembering to switch the fireplace on and off, so we implemented a great new feature – automatic fireplace control! Now it switches on and off automatically when:

  • There is motion living room and
  • It is dark outside and
  • the outside temperature drops below 35°F

This small feature makes a huge difference as it has made the winter evenings such a pleasure  – the house is so warm and inviting now.

One-Click Cinema Feeling

We’re also lucky enough to have an awesome home cinema set up. At the touch of a button, it’s ready for us to binge-watch the latest series on Netflix or to enjoy a film with some friends. By turning on the TV with the standard TV remote, our home will activate our movie light scene and turn off the music to get us ready for movie night.

The sound of music

My personal favorite: We set up our home to play music in our bathrooms automatically. When I enter the bathroom in the morning it plays my Get Up & Go playlist to kickstart my day. And when I step out of the bathroom it will turn off automatically again. I can even switch the music sources and change the volume with the Loxone Touch, so I don’t have to look for my cell if I want to listen to something different.

Even our guests enjoy the comfort of automated music; Instead of playing a radio station or playlist they might not like, the guest bathroom will welcome them with the relaxing sound of chirping birds.

Comfort leaving

We have a remote in our car, not your standard garage door remote, but a powerful Loxone remote which is fully integrated into our Smart Home system. Besides controlling the two garage doors, we have one button to activate our ‘comfort leaving’ mode. With a click of that button the garage door will close, lights and music in the whole house will go off, the TV will switch off and the alarm system will be activated.


These are only our favorites. Everyone here in the house has different ones and it’s been hard to agree on just six. Our home takes care of hundreds of tasks every single day. 365 days a year, working in harmony with our wishes and habits. Like the video intercom that connects to our smartphones, the self monitored alarm system gives us peace of mind and the water leak detection in the laundry that protects us from expensive damages, and so much more.

Even the best of explanations can’t do justice to what it is like living in a smart home. So we’re offering you the chance to experience a virtual video tour through our home. Take a tour and immerse yourself in the world of Loxone and all of the benefits of living in a Smart Home.

The personal video tour takes place via Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp video. We will show you around and answer all your questions. Book a video tour in our online calendar now: