Gasthof Post

Arianna Panzanini
9th October 2019 in Case Studies
The Gasthof Post is a popular restaurant/hotel in the north east of Austria. They recently renovated and as part of this they had Loxone technology installed. We paid them a little visit to see what has been implemented and how this is supporting the owners and employees. 

Versatile Automation 

In the hospitality sector, there are endless opportunities for automation. At Gasthof Post, they’ve taken advantage of as many of these as possible – from temperature control of their refrigerators, pool control, lighting, heating, multiroom audio and much more.

Monitoring of refrigeration and freezing rooms

The temperature in the refrigerator and freezer is continuously monitored and recorded. The team at Gasthof Post use the log file of the temperature recordings should the food standard authorities want to see it. This saves them a lot of time as they no longer need to keep a manual record.

If the temperature in either room is too high or too low, the owner is immediately notified via a push notification and a call on his smartphone.

When my family and I were on holiday, I got a notification on my smartphone saying that there was a problem with the refrigerator. I phoned the engineer and when he came I was able to give him remote access to the building. He was able to sort the issue quickly which meant that food inside was saved – which would have been a great loss for us. 

Johannes Doneus

Owner & Managing Director, Gasthof Post


Access for employees and suppliers

The access of both staff and suppliers is now taken care of by Loxone. This means that suppliers can now deliver goods 24/7 even when the Gasthop Post is closed – allowing great flexibility and ensuring that the cold chain is never broken. In addition to this, the employees working hours are automatically recorded which simplifies the payment process for everyone involved.

Energy Management

Energy management is very important in the hospitality sector. Lighting and heating at Gasthof Post is now optimised to save as much energy as possible. When a guest room is unoccupied, for example, the lights are turned off and the heating is lowered. The heating will also be cranked down if a guest leaves the room with a window open.

The Gasthof Post also produces its own energy through the use of solar panels. At any time they can see, within the Loxone App, how much electricity is being produced, fed into the grid or consumed.

Loxone im Gewerbe - Gasthof Post
Loxone im Gewerbe - Gasthof Post
Loxone im Gewerbe - Gasthof Post
Loxone im Gewerbe - Gasthof Post
Loxone im Gewerbe - Gasthof Post

Photos: (c) Helene Gell

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Loxone for commercial 

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