Part 1: Burglary protection in a Real Smart Home

7th February 2018 in For Partners

Security tops the polls when it comes to what consumers want in their smart home.

With Loxone’s comprehensive smart security offering, you can give your customers the highest level of security. When your customers are away from home, the extensive alarm function protects their belongings from theft. When they’re at home, the house is always looking after their well-being.

No Gimmicks, Real Smart Homes
– Loxone 360° Solution

At Loxone we support you as a Loxone Partner with a comprehensive package of products, along with the dedicated software, to help you meet the high security standards of your customers.


The right choice of alarm sensors

For a Real Smart Home to detect a burglar in a timely manner, information such as movement, window status and broken glass must be reliably recorded. For this purpose, we offer a range of products specially developed for security, which should not be missing in any Loxone Smart Home.


Motion Sensor Tree/Air

window handle

Window Handle Air

Door & Window Contact Air

Glass Break Sensor

The correct selection and positioning of the sensors plays a major role in ensuring your customer has a reliable security solution.

Loxone Window Handle Air

The Loxone Window Handle Air provides all-encompassing protection against unwanted intrusion through windows or doors. The window handle not only detects whether the window is open, tilted or closed, it also detects shocks and glass breakage. This means that the Window Handle Air can already reliably detect burglary attempts and alert your customer directly.

The Window Handle Air does not require any wiring and can be mounted on a window in just a few moments. In addition, the Window Handle Air allows a very fast and inexpensive installation

Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor Tree/Air

Offer your customers more security in their new smart home without installing additional hardware. The motion sensor can not only be used to activate the lighting or music, but also serves as an alarm if the alarm function is active.

When planning a Real Smart Home, make sure that movements in the house are detected reliably and comprehensively. Place motion sensors in basements and storage rooms, so that the intruder, in case of burglary, is recognized in time.

Door & Window Contact Air

The Door & Window Contact Air detects if a window is opened unexpectedly. Wired Door and Window contacts can also be connected to the Miniserver. The Nano IO Tree or the DI Extension are both suitable for this purpose. Conventional door and window contacts can be connected via digital inputs.

When planning a Real Smart Home, make sure that all doors and windows are provided with contacts, especially those on the ground floor or basement levels, along with any doors or windows that are easily accessible.

Glass Break Sensor

The glass breakage sensor detects the breaking of glass doors and windows. In order to quickly detect a break-in, we recommend these are installed on easily accessible windows, balcony and patio doors.

Since glass break sensors are wired sensors, the Nano DI Tree flush-mounted module is ideal for this purpose. Up to six glass breakage sensors can be connected to a Nano DI Tree.

By using a Loxone Window Handle Air, however, a glass breakage sensor becomes superfluous.


Numerous functions thanks to its own config module

In addition to hardware, we also offer all the software you need to create a smarter, safer, real smart home. Our Loxone Config software includes its own alarm function block, developed especially for burglary protection. This makes it really quick and simple to configure an intelligent alarm system.

Strengthen customer confidence, avoid false alarms

No-one likes a false alarm – remember ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf?’. False alarms reduce your customers’ confidence in the system and should be avoided. If a sensor triggers incorrectly, it’s usually a motion sensor; motion sensors in a Loxone Smart Home are very precise and detect the smallest movements. Although this is very good for many tasks such as switching on the music or lighting, this accuracy can also lead to false alarms.

Our software development has specifically addressed this issue and provided a solution to bypass this issue. The parameter T2 on the alarm system block is used for this purpose – it specifies how much time per second may pass before a second sensor is activated to trigger the alarm.

This means that if a motion sensor incorrectly detects movement and no second sensor is triggered within a certain time, this is detected as a false alarm and thus ignored. This time window applies only to motion sensors. A door contact or glass breakage sensor triggers an alarm immediately.


The Real Smart Home that makes burglars flee!

If an intruder approaches your customer’s home and triggers one of the alarm sensors, the multi-stage alarm process will begin. The house immediately generates maximum attention to deter the intruder and informs the owner straight away.

Alarm off

Alarm activated

Silent alarm

Audible alarm

Visual alarm

Mockup: Alarmanlage deaktiviert

Alarm off

Mockup: Alarmanlage aktiviert

Alarm activated

This is done automatically, based on time of day, via a switch or using the app. Devices such as motion sensors serve as alarm components.

Stufe 1 : Stiller Alarm

Step 1
Silent Alarm

Be notified by email, call, or push notification. If it is a false alarm, you can simply acknowledge the notification without the need for further action.

Stufe 2 : Akustischer Alarm

Step 2
Audible Alarm

The Loxone Music Server will start playing the pre-defined alarm sound at full volume throughout your home.

Stufe 3 : Optischer Alarm

Step 3
Visual Alarm

All the blinds in your home will open and the lights will start flashing – drawing the attention of the neighbours to the presence of anyone in the home that shouldn’t be there.


Secure access to a
Real Smart Home

A real smart home’s access system should be as easy as possible to handle for your customers and still provide maximum safety in their absence. We recommend a door lock motor that automatically locks the front door when closing in conjunction with a personalised access system such as the NFC Code Touch. The NFC Code Touch unlocks the front door via the NFC Key Fob * or access code and at the same time deactivates the alarm system. So your customer doesn’t have to explicitly think about deactivating the alarm system, but does both steps in one.

*The Key Fob will be available soon. 

We recommend a door lock motor that fully locks the front door when closing. A conventional door opener offers only a low level of security because the door is not locked.


Avoiding break-ins
with presence simulation

Presence simulation is a standard feature in a Real Smart Home. If your customer leaves their home, they can activate the presence simulation in addition to the alarm system via the “Away” function. The building then behaves as if someone were at home and activates the lighting at different times in different rooms.

To activate the presence simulation in a room, select this in the respective function block.


To enable presence simulation, activate the “Presence Simulation” operating mode. We recommend that you activate presence simulation when leaving the house.


Highest safety standard thanks to Auto Configuration

Auto Configuration can be used to configure all of the previously mentioned functions at just the push of a button. Discover the security features and get even more out of a Loxone Smart Home.