Autostore automated warehouse in Bratislava

Zsanett Koves
2nd October 2023 in Case Studies

Autostore, a new warehouse in Bratislava, was the first in Slovakia to install a modular robotic system that helps with more efficient and faster order processing. The Loxone building automation system seamlessly interacts with the modern elements of the automated warehouse, and this new optimised process is able to increase employee productivity and therefore reduce overall utility costs.

What is a smart warehouse?

Automated warehouses (also known as intelligent warehouses) are on the rise in Slovakia. The ever-growing customer demands require increased quality and speed of delivery. This pushes for the progress of incorporating more building automation systems into distribution centres: automation helps businesses to keep up the pace and meet customer expectations.

Skladová hala s osvetlením

In the Autostore, over an area of 1750 square metres, the automated lighting operates autonomously. This new method of lighting control improved working conditions for employees significantly. The setup utilises high-quality luminaires with a high colour rendering index, and optics that minimise the possibility of glare. Employees feel comfortable in this space, and aren’t exposed to negative visual conditions. During the day, the hall is sufficiently illuminated by mounted skylights that imitate sufficient daylight and assist with energy savings. Other technologies – heating, cooling and photovoltaics – will be gradually integrated into the Loxone system.

The wiring has been completed by The Light, a company that primarily focuses on more demanding lighting projects. They strive to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for their clients, and to minimise energy consumption.


In addition to the lighting comfort, we were careful to use electricity efficiently, which is why we chose the LOXONE system, which is ideal for large projections. With the right distribution of sensors, we have achieved accurate data collection of what is happening in the zones. LOXONE then evaluates what should happen in a given zone. We are currently controlling lighting, measuring frequency of movement, temperature, humidity and other variables.

Michal Jančuška

CEO, The Light

Klimatizácia v skladovej hale
Senzor prítomnosti a svetlík v skladovej hale
Senzor prítomnosti na strope haly
Rozvodná skriňa s Miniserverom
Rozvodná strinka v skladovej hale

Photo and video Jakub Furda

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