Automate become Flagship Partners

1st May 2020 in Backstage
We’re incredibly proud to announce that Automate is the UK’s first Loxone Flagship Partner – congratulations to Oliver and his team.

UK’s First Flagship Partner

Fantastic news, Loxone UK’s first Flagship Partner is Automate. They’ve been a Partner since 2016 – gaining Gold status in 2018. Now, in 2020, they’re taking the next step on their Loxone journey as they become Flagship Partners. They’ve been working hard, behind the scenes, with our designers who are responsible for Loxone Locations around the world. The goal was to utilise the space in their London-based showroom to be able to fully show off all of the possibilities of Loxone in the setting of a modern and luxurious showhome. From the initial artist impressions below, you can get just a small sense of how eye-catching this space will truly be.


“We are delighted to obtain Flagship status, we have always been fully committed to using Loxone as the core of our solutions and have enjoyed working alongside a company with a similar culture to our own. We realised early on that delivering solutions which were as close to 100% Loxone as possible meant excellent client satisfaction. We are really looking forward to the opening of our showroom and holding lots of events to spread the word about Loxone.”

Oliver Raine-Dunk

Managing Director, Automate

Showroom coming soon…

Automate’s Flagship Showroom is due to open in Q4 of 2020 at which point we’ll share more information and publish dates so you can experience it for yourself. If you want to know more in the meantime, click below to head over to their brand-new website.