5 advantages of smart room climate control with Loxone

2nd August 2018 in Know How

Room climate, controlled by Loxone, is much more than having different temperatures in different rooms. When your Loxone Smart Home takes care of the entire room climate as a whole, there are so many more advantages than just ‘the right temperature’ – find out more about how and why you should let your home take charge of your room climate.

A relaxed state of mind

Outside temperature, inside temperature, the position of the shading, air quality, … those are just a few of all the factors that have an important impact on the room climate in your home.
Adjusting all of those every day takes a whole lot of time and effort – when you let your Loxone Smart Home control them for you, you can be sure that the room climate is perfect at any given time. Without even thinking about it, you can enjoy the best room climate.

Fewer tasks, more comfort

In a Loxone Smart Home, as well as not having to think about controlling the climate in each room, there are also fewer tasks to do. On a hot day, you don’t have to run from blind to blind in an effort to adjust them to keep the heat out of your home but still let in natural light. Don’t waste your time adjusting the temperatures for your rooms, just let your home take care of that (and so much more). Of course, if you would want to make any adjustments, you can at any time.

Speak to a Loxone Partner about the possibilities of smart climate control and smart shading working together in your home.

No adjustments needed

A Loxone Smart Home knows when it is time to cool down or heat up so that the room is at your preferred temperature when you’re at home. It is always learning so it knows what time to turn on or what adjustments to make to adhere to the schedule or set temperatures that have been configured for your home. A Loxone Smart Home also considers the outside temperatures when intelligently controlling the climate in each room*.

*Possible with Version 10 of the Loxone software suite

Smart energy usage, lower costs

Your smart home is always eager to use the most economic resources. Instead of using air conditioning to cool a room, the blinds can be lowered to ensure energy-efficient cooling. If the temperature outside is low enough, the ventilation uses cold air from outside to lower the room temperature*. On the other hand, in the winter, if there is a glimmer of morning sunshine that your home can harness to bring some heat into a room, it will. By opening the kitchen blinds in the morning, for example, it could heat the room just enough to not need to bring on the radiators for that hour before everyone heads out.

Oh – and if there is no one in a room or if everyone has left the house, the smart home goes into a power saving mode; the room climate gets adjusted to save energy and to protect the fabric of the building at the same time.

*Possible with Version 10 of the Loxone software suite

Many different rooms – the perfect climate in each one

From the bathroom to the kitchen to the living room – the Loxone Smart Home ensures that every single one of your rooms is at the right climate, at the right time. Comfortable temperatures and fresh air accompany you around the clock and during all of your activities; whether you’re entertaining, relaxing, exercising, sleeping or learning.

The beauty of having zoned smart climate control is that each room can be at the optimum temperature for how that room is used. We’ve published a guide on suitable temperatures and humidity levels when it comes to smart room climate control, which you can find on one of our recent blogs: ‘What is room climate?’.

Version 10:
The next dimension of smart climate control

With Version 10 we’ll enter a completely new dimension when it comes to smart room climate control. Even more comfort and even fewer tasks to do on a daily basis. Make sure that you are using the latest software to benefit from these updates. Speak to your Loxone Partner to arrange a consultation or to update your Loxone Smart Home.