What is room climate?

19th July 2018 in Know How

Temperature, humidity and air quality – all in harmony

Pleasant temperatures, suitable levels of humidity and the ideal air quality have a significant influence on our well-being – and this is where climate control comes in. Sure, we’re probably familiar with climate control in cars but exactly what is room climate control and why is it so important in our homes? To answer these initial questions, we’ve put together this blog to start unpacking the topic. We’ll also be publishing more blogs on the topic in the coming months so be sure to keep an eye out.

Room climate…What is it?

The term ‘smart climate control’ is more commonly used when referring to the right temperature. However, this isn’t all it is, because essentially the climate of a room encompasses several different factors that all have an influence on our well-being and how comfortable we feel – especially in a closed room. The main factors include the temperature, humidity level and the air quality. If the air quality and temperature in a bedroom, for example, is not conducive to a room where we sleep – then you can see how this wouldn’t be good for our health.

Sure, we can blame it on the lack of opportunity for BBQs but the reality is we Brits aren’t very outdoorsy. A survey by Ribble found that we’re spending 92% of our time indoors while Ambius found out that 40% of us spend only 15 minutes outdoors each day. So, as we clearly spend most of our time indoors, be that at the office or at home – the air quality in our homes is quite important. Therefore, it is one of the topics that we, as Real Smart Home manufacturers, focus on. We’ve made it a goal to provide all Loxone Smart Homes with optimal temperature management and a way to ensure the optimal environment for concentration, sleeping, relaxing and all round comfort. More importantly, it’s about achieving this optimal level automatically – more on this to follow.

What is the ideal room climate?

As we’ve pointed out, there are three main points to consider when looking to achieve an ideal room climate.

Optimal Temperature

If the temperature is too high or too low, it goes without saying that you’ll either be sweating or shivering and almost certainly feeling uncomfortable. When it comes to the optimal temperature, there are various guides but it is subjective at the end of the day. You’ll know what feels comfortable for yourself.

Optimal Humidity

This is achieved when the levels don’t pose damage to the occupants of a building, or the structure itself. Humidity levels that are too high can cause mould, and levels that are too low can cause skin and mucous membrane irritation.

Optimal Air Quality

On its own, air quality can have a considerable effect on our health. It sounds simple, but making sure you get plenty of fresh air can actually help prevent migraines, fatigue and the spread of pathogens.

Room climate differs from room to room

Although you might find yourself falling asleep on the couch or eating breakfast in bed – essentially no two rooms are used in the same way in a home. Therefore, the ideal climate differs from room to room. It is no surprise then that the ideal values for temperature and humidity will vary – keeping the assumption that there is a free-flow of air throughout the house.

Room Optimal Temperature Optimal Humidity
Bathroom 23 °C 50 – 70 %
Kitchen 22.5 °C 50 – 60 %
Study 22.5 °C 40 – 60 %
Living Rooms 21.5 °C 40 – 60 %
Hallway 20 °C 40 – 60 %
WC 20 °C 40 – 60 %
Bedrooms 18 °C 40 – 60 %

*These are only recommended guidelines in the interest of an optimal room climate.

Room Optimal Temp. Optimal Humidity
Bathroom 23°C 50 – 70%
Kitchen 22.5°C 50 – 60%
Study 22.5°C 40 – 60%
Living Rooms 21.5°C 40 – 60%
Hallway 20°C 40 – 60%
WC 20°C 40 – 60%
Bedrooms 18°C 40 – 60%

*These are only recommended guidelines in the interest of an optimal room climate.

Automatically achieving the right room climate

You might be wondering how then can you ensure that each room in your home has a climate that is complementary to the way the room is used. In a Loxone Smart Home, this is taken care of for you – completely automating the process to ensure the ideal room climate. Is it a bedroom or a study? Is anyone using the room right now? Is it hot or cold outside? The answers to these questions, and more, are determined by your intelligent home so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our Smart Home Experts will be able to discuss the options for automating the room climates throughout your home. Request a project consultation and we’ll be in touch to arrange a one-to-one.

Keen to know more?

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