NEW: Loxone Caller Service For 10 Years

Tyron Cosway
5th September 2016 in Technology

With the Loxone Caller Service, your smart home can phone you. You decide what events in your home would result in you being informed via a phone call. A great way to ensure you’ll be informed as soon as something important happens.

For Example:

  • A reminder that you’ve left the garage door open after sunset
  • Get a call as soon as your burglar alarm is triggered
  • Be alerted to changes like the air quality or the temperature in a room reaching a certain value

Loxone Caller Service Nutzung

New 10 Year Caller Service Option

The 10 Year Caller Service gives you access to a great smart home feature at just £240 (excl VAT). That is a saving of almost 50% compared to the 1 Year Caller Service option.

Buy Now – Use It Straight Away

  1. Order your 10 Year Caller Service from the Webshop.
  2. Your invoice will include a license key. To activate the service, please log in and enter the key under ‘My Products‘.
  3. Once the service has been activated, you can configure the setup within Loxone Config – setting custom alerts via phone call for any events in your home that you want to be informed of.

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