Smart Alarm System

Smart Burglar Alarm

Keep your home and your loved ones safe with our smart alarm system. You don't need to buy a separate alarm panel either - you can simply integrate existing components already in your home, such as your motion sensors and AV system. The flexibility offered by the Miniserver means that you can set up a completely personalised smart security system that's tailored to your home and your family.

Loxone Smart Home Alarmfunktion Funktionsgrafik

Gradual Alarm

Your Loxone Smart Home Alarm can make use of all available sensors throughout the home, including presence detectors and door/window contacts to detect intruders. If an intruder attempts to break in, the Loxone Smart Home will begin a series of escalating alarms.

First, the system will begin with a silent alarm which, via Loxone Caller Service, calls your phone to inform you of a break-in. This gives you a chance to reset the alarm if it turns out to be a false alarm.

Following this is an audible alarm: a siren sound can be blasted through the home sound system into the room the intruder is in. If they try to flee to the next room, the noise follows them from room to room as they move through the house.

After this is a visual alarm: the lights begin to flash throughout the house. This is especially effective at night as it draws attention to the house.

Silent Alarm

Audible Alarm

Optical Alarm

Silent Alarm

Loxone Smart Home Alarmfunktion Stiller Alarm

Audible Alarm

Loxone Smart Home Alarmfunktion Akustischer Alarm

Optical Alarm

Loxone Smart Home Alarmfunktion Optischer Alarm

Informed When It Matters

In case of emergency - whether burglary, fire or flooding, you can have your home call you immediately and alert you to the situation.

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Presence Simulation

Your smart home can replay your activity at home from the past week, so if you're away on holiday, the lights switch on and off and blinds go up and down so it looks like someone's home

Panic Button

A button next to your bed triggers the panic alarm: all the lights come on and flash brightly, the blinds open, and the siren can sound. At the same time, an automatic call can be made to your emergency contact.

Your Smart Alarm

The following components offer an inexpensive way to enjoy a fully integrated smart alarm system as part of your smart home.

Motion Sensor

Detects movement within your home.

Glass Break Sensor

Sounds the alarm if a window is smashed.

Smoke Detector Air

Protect your family from fire.

Door & Window Contact

Monitors when doors or windows are opened.

Other Components

...for your smart alarm system.

Easy Control

You alarm can be easily controlled via switch or on-the-go via your mobile device. Your alarm can arm automatically upon leaving the house, and disarm when you return home - how you configure it is up to you!


With the logging function, you have a complete overview of what's been happening at home. One glance at the app will tell you exactly who was in the in house and when, so it's easy to see when the kids arrived home from school (or what time your teenager snuck in early this morning!)

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Keep An Eye

We all lead busy can't possibly be in all places at all times. That's where Loxone can help. Through the app you can see exactly what's happening throughout your home from wherever you are in the world, whether that's at work, on holiday or tucked up in bed! 

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Delayed start

Your alarm has a short delay before arming, allowing you time to go upstairs or leave the house without triggering the alarm.

Loxone Smart Home Alarmfunktion Kein Fehlalarm

Reduce false alarms

In order to reduce false alarms, a second motion sensor is used. If this also detects an intruder, the next alert level after the silent alarm is triggered. This allows you to suppress any annoying false alarms prior to the siren sounding. Great for your ears (and the neighbours' too!)

Loxone Smart Home Alarmfunktion Alarmzonen

Alarm Zone

In your Smart Home you can set up any number of alarm zones. Ground floor, basement, patio area - you have the flexibility to define which areas of your home should be on alert and when.

Intelligenter Brandschutz mit Loxone Smart Home

Smart Smoke Alarm


The Loxone Smoke Detector Air can be wirelessly retrofitted into your home. If triggered, it can instantly sound the alarm, raise the blinds, switch on the emergency lighting and place a call to a neighbour or relative.

*Note* - the Smoke Detector Air has been designed for retrofitting into exisiting buildings. If you're planning a new build home, your smoke alarm needs to be connected to the mains. Please always ensure you follow Building Regulations when installing smoke alarms. 

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The Smart Alarm System for Your Home

You can create a smart alarm system that's completely personal to you and your home. Using a combination of sensors, you can guard against intruders, break-ins, fire and water damage and more.

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Das zentrale Herzstück verbindet all deine Komponenten und macht so dein Zuhause zum Smart Home.


Erkennt, wenn z.B. in deinem Keller Wasser eintritt, etwa durch Überflutung oder Wasserrohrbruch. Lass dich per Anruf oder Mail unverzüglich von deinem Miniserver informieren.


Der Alarm ist automatisch Aktiv bei Verlassen des Hauses. Du kannst beliebig viele Alarmzonen erstellen in denen bei Alarmfall automatisch das Licht angeht, die Beschattung hochfährt und Musik auf voller Lautstärke spielt. Zusätzlich kann dich dein Loxone Miniserver unverzüglich per Anruf oder Mail über den Vorfall informieren.


Mit der App-tauglichen Video-Gegensprech­anlage, Loxone Intercom, behältst du stets den Überblick und kannst aus der Ferne mit Gästen vor deiner Tür sprechen.


Per elektronischem Schlüssel kannst du individuell Zutritte regeln. Per Logging Funktion kannst du aufzeichnen lassen, wer wann das Haus bzw. welchen Raum betreten hat.

Fenster- & Türkontakt

Sollte sich ein ungebetener Gast Zutritt verschaffen, gibt dies der Fenster- und Türkontakt sofort dem Miniserver weiter. Dieser informiert dich unverzüglich.


Lass dir bei Sturmgefahr von deinem Windsensor unter die Arme greifen. Schütze deine Jalousien, Rollos und Markisen vor Schäden und lass sie bei Sturmgefahr automatisch einfahren.


Eine der wichtigsten Alarmkomponenten. Sollte der Alarm scharfgestellt sein und der Präsenzmelder Anwesenheit registrieren, wird das Haus unverzüglich in Alarmmodus versetzt. Du kannst dich darüber vom Miniserver per Anruf oder Mail informieren lassen.


Bei Beschädigung wird sofort Alarm ausgelöst und du wirst per Anruf oder E-Mail benachrichtigt.