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Loxone offers an all-around building automation solution that elevates the living experience in smart homes and commercial properties. Our technology was specially developed for a range of interfaces. With our powerful software and reliable Miniserver communication, you can easily integrate other solutions and technologies.

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Loxone Tree technology

Save time installing new smart homes and commercial buildings.

We developed Tree technology with a clear goal in mind: to reduce wiring and installation efforts. With a Loxone Smart Home or commercial property, the integration of any Tree devices – spots, Touch switches and more – is easier and more reliable than other control systems on the market.

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Up to 50% less wiring

Wiring is extremely flexible. Connect all Tree devices with each other and address each one individually.

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With efficient wiring and configuration software, Tree devices can be installed with just a few clicks. For example, a Loxone Motion Sensor only needs about twenty seconds for start-up.

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Designed with 100% compatibility and flexibility

All Tree technology and products are made to “plug & play” and work seamlessly with all Loxone components.

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Loxone Air technology

Smart technology for easier renovation.

Specially developed for already existing buildings, Air technology makes it easy to create a Loxone Smart Home Home or commercial property. Wireless communication is reliable and easy – no need to pull wires.

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All Loxone products are fully updatable for a truly future-proof solution.

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Minimal energy consumption

Loxone Air products are optimized with energy in mind. Our specially developed chips guarantee lowest possible energy consumption and costs while maximizing battery life.

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Fully encrypted communication

Loxone Air is encrypted using IPSec, the current security standard. Each installation has its unique encryption code so each and every smart home is protected.

Icon Mesh technology

Mesh technology

Loxone Air is based on Mesh technology. With each product that gets connected to a permanent power supply, the range and stability of the overall system increases.

Works together

We enable the integration of many technologies and interfaces common in building services. You can choose from a wide range of expansion options and develop a future-proof smart home or commercial property.

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Network communication

Our Miniserver was designed for communication via LAN. This means you have many possibilities to communicate with other network-capable devices.

Graphic showing devices with network connection
Graphic showing devices with network communication

Network communication examples

Control your music system or amplifier.

As long as the network interface of the amplifier is sufficiently documented, it can be controlled through the Miniserver – volume, on/off commands, selection of the right source and more.

Collect data from your PV system.
Many current inverter models have LAN interface for seamless integration.


Control your TV via network.
For select TV sets and music systems, we have templates integrated in our Config software.

Send and receive any commands.
Use our “virtual inputs and outputs” to send and receive any HTTP commands. For example, make your PC turn on automatically as you enter your office.

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