New: Touch Pure with CO2 Sensor

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3. November 2022

Loxone develops hardware and software, but - on top of that - follows a holistic approach of controlling all important functions via a single device. This is exactly why a separate operating concept for home and building automation was developed more than 10 years ago. With the Loxone button standard, all important functions of a room can be operated at 5 touch points on the Loxone Touch.

New: with CO2 sensor

The Loxone Touch Pure with CO2 sensor expands the Touch product family. Previously equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor, this new version of the Touch Pure comes with a carbon dioxide sensor. This way, you can monitor the air quality in the room and, for example, have the ventilation react accordingly. Or, you set it to announce a specific voice message: “Warning: bad air quality. Please ventilate.”

If you have installed a ventilation system, you can integrate it easily into your home and building automation using many Loxone interfaces. The CO2 sensor monitors the air quality in the room. If there is a need for action, the ventilation is controlled and regulated accordingly. This is particularly energy-efficient in winter, since ventilation only takes place when there is a need and there is no constant exchange of warm air from inside with cold air from outside, which would cool the room down.

No matter whether you’re planning a project for your home – could be your house, your apartment, your home office – or for commercial buildings such as offices, hotels, restaurants or medical practices: the Touch Pure with CO2 sensor, in conjunction with an integrated ventilation system, always ensures high air quality.

Why is measuring CO2 levels so important?

A healthy room climate, i.e. pleasant temperatures in connection with ideal room air, has a significant influence on our well-being. The air quality of a room is influenced significantly  by the CO2 concentration, in addition to the air humidity. CO2 – or carbon dioxide – is a colorless and odorless gas that is a natural and important part of the air around us.

Perfect room climate for office, home office & co.

In higher concentrations, however, CO2 has negative effects on our health and can lead to discomfort such as headaches and lack of concentration. Especially in closed rooms like in the office or your home office, a CO2 measurement often delivers higher values. In order to work in a concentrated manner and for well-being, regular, intelligently controlled air exchange is therefore so important, which is made possible – among other things – by the new Touch Pure with CO2 sensor.


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