For a candle light dinner without cable salad: the new Table Lamp Air

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24. October 2023

Create a world in which a table lamp not only illuminates, but also acts intelligently - without the usual tangle of cables on, under or next to the table. The new Table Lamp Air, for example, is perfect for restaurants. Or as a bedside lamp, on the terrace, on the desk...

Thanks to the full integration into your home and building automation, the new Table Lamp Air is more than just a battery-operated table lamp. It contains all the power of our effective software tools!

For example, numerous useful features can be implemented in a restaurant. Gone are the days when you had to walk from table to table to switch different table lamps on and/or off individually. All Table Lamps Air are activated automatically depending on the brightness and can be switched off collectively with just a single tap.

You can find out more useful features in our video – watch now!

Table Lamp Air – the highlights:

  • Battery-operated for up to 72 hours (at 50% brightness)
  • Various dimming levels
  • Full integration into home and building automation
  • Freely assignable button
  • Elegant, timeless design
  • High-quality materials


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