McDonald’s: Happy Meals In a Smart Building

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26. February 2024

Step inside this McDonalds in Switzerland and you get more than just a side of fries. The business serves customers with the most intelligent technology. From lighting to shading to security and more functions, the building improves the customers' experience and employees' productivity.

What technology has been implemented?

Lighting control – interior & exterior
Relay Extension, Weather Station, DI Extension

During business hours, the interior lights will always turn on or off according to a set schedule. However, if an employee is still in the building, the integrated sensors will know if there is motion or not and inform the lights to stay on or turn off.

Using real-time data sent from the Weather Station in combination with brightness sensors, the exterior lighting will know if it should turn on or off depending on the current environment.

Modbus Extension, Nano 2 Relay Tree

Intelligent shading starts with the heating and cooling system. Depending on if the building is making effort to heat or cool itself, the shading will work to support energy savings. If it is already too warm inside, the blinds will lower to prevent extra warmth from the sun.

Climate monitoring
Modbus Extension

The food must be kept as fresh as it is fast. This is why the cold storage room is monitored for temperature increase. So if the temperature rises above a set point, a manager will be informed with a push notification sent from the Loxone App and be able to check out the problem right away.

Throughout the restaurant, any climate errors will also be reported. Any instance will be logged with a date and time stamp.


Disability support
DI Extension

All restaurants have a wheelchair-accessible toilet, but they’re not always equipped with safety features. This McDonald’s has an emergency button mounted in the stall, so a guest can receive immediate help in case of a fall. If the button is pressed for help, the staff is immediately notified.

It’s a good feeling to help McDonald’s achieve their goals with state-of-the-art building automation. It’s this feeling that makes us proud to be a partner.

Christoph Schmid

Technology Integrator, Loxone Partner, hbTec AG


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