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27. January 2023

Recent years have made many of us completely change our view of the world and life plans. The option to work from home turned out to be the perfect opportunity to try something new and travel, all with access to internet and our work computer on your lap. As a society, we've discovered new ways of nomad living, where we are not necessarily bound to a permanent place of residence. One very special options is a smart campervan, that combines the taste of adventure with the comfort of home.

Not only  fixed facilities with foundations can be automated and become smart.
Even campers can reach new heights of safety and comfort thanks to Loxone, as demonstrated by Loxone’s Silver Partner, Ereko-Smart Home. So –what can we find inside this automated campervan?

In the van, you will find many solutions that you would also find in standard housing projects, which shows how versatile the Loxone system is. The Touch Pure switches are responsible for controlling the van – just like at home, they take over controlling all lighting, as well as turning off all subsystems. The tent on the roof also has a Touch Surface, which allows the entire camper to be put to Night Mode when the occupants go to sleep.

Kamper z zewnątrz
Kamper z zewnątrz
Wnętrze kampera

The Touch Pure is also responsible for making sure that the van maintains the desired climate, thanks to built-in temperature and humidity sensors. The campervan’s installed heating system is fully automated by Loxone, so the owners do not have to worry about theinside temperature. Thanks to this, users are not limited by weather conditions and can go on adventures all year round.

The lighting is also crates a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to dimmable RGBW lamps, users can freely adjust the color and level of light intensity. If they need more light, e.g. when cooking – adjusting it is a matter of a few clicks. To wind down after a full day of fun, the lighting takes on a soothing color and a soft glow.

Wnętrze kampera

The campervan can be completely self-sufficient, largely thanks to the photovoltaic installation on the roof. The owners can view the battery charge status in the Loxone App, so they will never be surprised by a sudden flat battery. What’s more, the camper has a gas connection for a functional kitchen, as well as an outdoor shower and a fully equipped toilet.

A unique feature of this special automation project is that the actuator controls are none other that of the actuators used when automating roller blinds or shutters. A further great feature comes from the Loxone bus wiring system, allowing for only a few cross-sections in the cables, meaning that the overall wiring footprint has been minimised, and the design has been kept simple.

Kamper z namiotem z zewnątrz
Kamper z namiotem z zewnątrz
Zaplecze techniczne kampera

The heart of the project – the Miniserver – was installed in the back of the van, providing easy access without taking up space in the camper’s living area.

The installation in the campervan is deceptively similar to a classic home installation, which also means a wide range of possibilities to extend it and add more functions. The scalability and versatility of the Loxone system is unparalleled – wherever you want your home to be, that’s where you can create it conveniently and economically. Without having to compromise!

Zaplecze techniczne kampera


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