Release Echo: Config 14.7

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5. April 2024

With the new Loxone Config 14.7, several new features have found their way into home and building automation with Loxone. We have already discussed some of these in more detail in previous videos and webinars. Today, with this release echo, we want to focus on further new functions and improvements.

All information about Config 14.7 can be found in our release blog including webinar. 

Network devices: Adress Resolve Fallback 

Thanks to the new Address Resolve fallback feature, Miniserver and Loxone network devices can be found even if the network settings have not been configured correctly. The new fallback system now automatically searches the network for the device to establish a connection – for example, if you are in a different subnet or if the local address of the device has been stored incorrectly when you change from a static to a dynamic IP. 

Door- & Window Monitor 

In the new version, window and door monitoring objects can now be nested. In addition, the door block for garages or garage doors can also be selected. 


The window function block has been given a new output for the target position (TPos) and a new input for the current position (CPos). This enables even more precise and user-friendly control of windows. 

Loxone Library 

The Loxone Library contains numerous templates for integrating a wide variety of devices in the Loxone Config. With the new Config 14.7, it is no longer necessary to go to the Loxone Library website to download templates. Search & download are now conveniently possible directly via the Loxone Config. 

Math function blocks 

Our math blocks add, multiply, min/max and average can now be connected to several sensors at one input. This simplifies the complete configuration, especially in larger projects, as fewer blocks now need to be used, making the configuration clearer and leaner. 


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