NEW: Quadral Install Speaker 10 Passive & Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive

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30. January 2023

The first product release of the year sounds great! Together with the hi-fi specialist Quadral, we have developed two new speakers. The Install Speaker 10 Passive is a built-in speaker with high-end features and a 10-inch woofer. The Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive is the universal answer for all your audio needs and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Satellite Speaker IP64 Passiv

A penchant for good sound

Enjoy great sound whenever – and wherever – you want! The Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive is perfect for indoor use, and can even be used outdoors without any problems thanks to its IP64 certification.
Its diverse mounting options and flexible angle of inclination ensure that it optimally meets the specific requirements of each project.

Install Speaker 10 Passive

Excellent components for a brilliant sound experience

The Install Speaker 10 Passive is a high-quality built-in speaker that combines a truly compact design with a real 10″ woofer. Its Altima membrane is also used in the multiple award-winning Quadral Aurum & Chromium series. Thanks to the combination of aluminium, titanium and magnesium ensures high impulse fidelity, low sound discolouration, high fine dynamics and high detail resolution.

Back Box Install 10

18 liters – for sensational sound

If you would like to install the Install Speaker 10 in an open installation environment (e.g. an open acoustic ceiling), we strongly recommend using the associated back box housing. This housing guarantees optimal sound and clean bass reproduction with an interior volume of 18 liters with the specially selected material and damping via acoustic fleece.


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