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13. May 2024

Buildings are responsible for 44% of global energy consumption. That is why we are convinced that sustainable energy management must be standard in every building! Simple, automated and transparent.

Energy: measure first, manage second.

From the grid connection to the PV system to the consumer. If you want to manage energy efficiently, you first need to know where the energy flows to in the building, how much it consumes and how much it produces. This requires suitable energy meters.

Energy meters: a must-have for efficient energy management

The integration of energy meters used to be complex, time-consuming and associated with various challenges:

  • Is there a suitable interface?
  • Is there a clearly documented data sheet with the register addresses?
  • Which register addresses are required?
  • In which unit are the values obtained?
  • Is the meter wired correctly or do you get inverted values?

These challenges have made real energy management unnecessarily complicated. At Loxone, however, we want to make building automation as simple as possible. That’s why we developed the Energy Meter Tree.

Energy Meter Tree 1- & 3-Phase:
Energy measurement made easier than ever

The MID-certified Energy Meter Tree can be integrated into your Loxone installation via Plug & Play. This makes them the easiest meters on the market to integrate.


The highlights:

  • Simple integration – get started straight away thanks to Tree technology instead of having to deal with registering addresses.
  • MID certification – MID certification and sealability enable the collection of billing-relevant data.
  • Full integration – always maintain a complete overview of consumption, production and costs thanks to seamless integration into the load management.
  • Recording of live values – also records short load peaks thanks to second-by-second polling.

1- or 3-phase: the right energy meter for every application

  • MID-certified
  • Tree interface for easy integration
  • Bidirectional energy measurement
  • Adjustable wiring direction in the software
  • Fully integrated into the meter function blocks
  • Display for meter reading and power
  • Up to 100 Ampere
  • 2 partition units (1-phase or 4 units for 3-phase)

The Areas of Application of the Energy Meter Tree


  • Recording the charging data
  • Load management
  • Surplus charging
  • Billing of the load quantity
  • Fleet support
House Connection

  • Record household consumption
  • Recognize and reduce base load
  • Record large consumers
  • Peak load management (15-minute measurement)
  • Billing for tenant electricity


  • Load recording
  • Runtime optimization
  • Load shedding
  • Optimized spot price

  • Recording consumption
  • Energy flow monitoring
  • Recognizing details of the devices
  • Preventing overload

PV System

  • Capture surplus & use it optimally
  • Link to spot price
  • Energy flow monitoring
and much more, thanks to extensive data

  • Phase-neutral voltage
  • Active power
  • Meter reading consumption/delivery
  • Apparent power
  • Reactive power
  • Reactive power consumption meter reading
  • Reactive power output meter reading
  • Power factor
  • Phase angle
  • Frequency

Want to find out more about energy management with Loxone?

With holistic energy management, a building’s energy consumption can be reduced by half.

The focus here is on recording and visualizing all energy consumers, producers and consumers. In order to visualize and optimize all energy flows, a building needs a central controller: the Loxone Miniserver. This connects all the (energy) components of a building and ensures that they work as efficiently as possible, both individually and in combination.


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