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1. March 2024

From easy-to-install LED spots to the elegant Pendulum Slim and the multifunctional Ceiling Light - Loxone makes intelligent lighting accessible and customizable. Find out all about the flexibility of LED strips for indirect lighting, the versatile Touch Nightlight, which is much more than just a nightlight, and how you can easily integrate any luminaire into your intelligent building thanks to numerous interfaces.

LED Spots

Our LED Spots with directional warm white light or RGBW colored light provide optimum and infinitely dimmable ambient lighting.


Ceiling Spots

Our Ceiling Spots with warm white or colored light are perfect for retrofitting or where there is no option for installation in the ceiling.

Pendulum Slim

Provide the right accent lighting with the Pendulum Slim, for example above a dining or coffee table.

Ceiling Light

The LED Ceiling Light not only provides warm white or colored light, but also performs many other tasks thanks to an integrated motion detector and brightness sensor.

LED Strips

LED Strips are an elegant solution when it comes to indirect lighting. They create a WOW effect behind furniture or a suspended ceiling.

Touch Nightlight

The Touch Nightlight is more than just an ordinary nightlight. It is an ambient light, alarm clock, control unit and alarm device all in one.


Thanks to our Extensions, almost all luminaires can be easily integrated into the Loxone home and building automation system.


You also have maximum flexibility in terms of lighting technologies. Thanks to the DMX and DALI Extension, you can integrate a large number of different luminaires.


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