Transforming Homes with Loxone: LiteTouch Replacement & Smart Retrofit in Florida

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26. May 2023

Discover the transformative power of Loxone in our latest project in Port Royal, Naples, Florida which features a LiteTouch takeover and smart retrofit. Witness how Loxone revolutionized home automation with seamless integration and advanced smart lighting control. On this home tour, you can explore the remarkable features of this LiteTouch transformation and the convenience it brings to homeowners.

Effortless Smart Lighting Control

As you enter each room, the newly integrated presence sensor detects your presence, instantly illuminating the room. With the intuitive Touch Pure interface, adjusting the lights is as simple as a touch. Effortlessly transition between lighting scenes, and enjoy the convenience of shade control on the left and audio control on the right. What’s more, with the LiteTouch takeover by Loxone, homeowners can even control the temperature and humidity with just one switch, ensuring optimal comfort at all times.

Easy Panel Integration

In the utility rooms, discover the heart of the automation system – the panels. Rather than replacing them entirely, they were easily adapted with the required technology. By installing Loxone 4 channel dimmer modules and utilizing the existing 110V wiring and daisy-chain communication lines, Loxone’s Link technology was seamlessly integrated. This enables efficient control and communication between panels, optimizing the performance of the entire system. With the addition of a 24V power supply, the panels are ready to deliver exceptional smart lighting control.

Modernizing Garage Control

Other fun functionalities were added besides the LiteTouch replacement, such as smart garager garage control. Gone are the days of manual switches. With Loxone’s Air Technology, experience added convenience and functionality. Integrated present sensors automatically illuminate the garage lights as the client enters, while remote garage entry allows for effortlessly opening the door via smartphone. This modernization, powered by Loxone Air products, brings ease and sophistication to any garage.

Simplified User Experience

Loxone’s commitment to simplicity is evident in every aspect of their smart lighting and overall building automation system. An iPad placed strategically on the wall empowers homeowners to make additional changes effortlessly. Control your lighting, open specific garage doors, or even shut down the entire house with ease, all through the centralized iPad interface. Thanks to Loxone’s intelligent automation, the lights will turn off automatically when not in use, ensuring energy efficiency and a hassle-free experience.

Outdoor Brilliance

Loxone’s smart lighting capabilities extend beyond the confines of your home. Illuminate your client’s garden with captivating landscape lighting that adapts to the changing sunset times. Loxone’s intelligent system ensures that the lights turn on precisely when the sun goes down, enhancing the beauty of any outdoor space.

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