Loxone App 13.1: The biggest feature & design update in years

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10. November 2022

With updating our Loxone Config to version 13.1, we have further improved the world's most powerful energy management system and taken it to a whole new level. Energy Manager, Energy Flow Monitor, Wallbox...  you can see all new functions now in the visualization with the update of the Loxone App - thanks to a major design update, it is more beautiful and extensive than ever before.

The Loxone App 13.1 – the highlights:

Energy Flow Monitor

Energy flows, self-consumption rate, degree of self-sufficiency, memory levels, saved costs, reduced CO2 emissions and much more. In the new Energy Flow Monitor, you can find all data relating to your energy management. Thanks to extensive statistics, you can quickly uncover potential energy savings and act on them easily.

Loxone App Energieflussmonitor
Loxone App Energieflussmonitor
Loxone App Energieflussmonitor

Pro Tip:
In addition to visualizing electricity flows, the App can also be used to visualize water, heat and gas meters.


Loxone steuert die intelligente Verteilung der Energie abhängig von Produktion, Bedarf, Priorisierung, Anwesenheit, Wettervorhersagen und vielem mehr. Dabei verfolgen wir vor allem zwei zentrale Ziele: Überlast verhindern und Eigenverbrauch erhöhen. 

Die App bietet Ihnen einen detaillierten Überblick über alle eingebundenen Verbraucher sowie deren aktuellen Status. 

Loxone App Energiemanager
Loxone App Energiemanager

Energy Manager

Loxone makes it possible to intelligently control the distribution of energy depending on production, demand, prioritization, presence, weather forecasts and much more. In doing so, we are primarily pursuing two central goals: preventing overload and increasing self-consumption.

The app offers you a detailed overview of all connected consumers and their current status.


Loxone is the only solution in the world that can be used to implement holistic excess charging management. In our app you will find a lot of information and functions related to your charging management. For example, you can select one of the five freely-definable loading modes with just a few clicks.

No matter which wallbox you use – as long as it has a suitable interface, the new visualization works with any device, regardless of the manufacturer.

Loxone App Wallbox

Pro Tip: The Loxone Touch Pure Flex is the world’s most flexible control element for home and building automation. In this version, for example, it is perfect for your charge management. Of course, you can also configure your Touch Flex yourself and adapt it to your individual needs.

Huge Design Update

Our app was designed with a lot of love and is now even cleaner and clearer thanks to the major design update.


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