Franchise Frontier: Maximizing Efficiency with Building Automation

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8. February 2024

Even though franchise and multi-chain restaurants are often household names, staying competitive in today's innovative restaurant industry requires continuous evolution. Franchises are now leveraging the transformative power of building automation to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and elevate the overall customer experience. Embracing automation presents a unique opportunity for franchises to revolutionize their businesses and secure a lasting position in the industry.

Building Automation in Restaurants

Franchisees and restaurant managers all over the world trust in building automation with Loxone, and have been reaping numerous benefits. A perfect example is the Carnegie Diner with three locations automated with Loxone: at the New York Times Square, Chicago and Secaucus (NJ). Check out what was implemented to help the owner manage the restaurants more efficiently:

Unlocking Savings through Energy Monitoring

In franchises and restaurants, building automation is instrumental in enhancing energy efficiency. The continuous operation of equipment, from cooking to coffee and ice cream makers, underscores the significance of energy conservation. Particularly in franchises, energy savings directly impact a franchisee’s profit, contributing to the difference between total sales and operational costs, including energy expenses, overheads, employee costs, and licensing fees. Prioritizing energy efficiency not only supports sustainable practices but also directly boosts overall franchise profitability.

Operate equipment efficiently with intelligent energy management, including automatic device switching and regular system checks.

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Multiple-store monitoring allows you to analyze several franchise branches at the same time at a glance. It is also possible to intervene manually from any location without having to be on site.

Icon PV System

Energetic buffers can be generated when there is a PV surplus.

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The software and app are completely free of charge, which means you can access full reporting on energy flows and other important aspects of your restaurant at all times without any fees.

Comprehensive energy monitoring for chains and franchises

TIP: Loxone Partner Sebastian Jofre helped the owner of a food hall at the New York Times Square set up energy monitoring for each booth individually – smart!

Safety for People, Buildings, and Food

Another important aspect is that building automation greatly improves a franchise’s security.

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Automatic equipment operation enhances safety, preventing system overload during simultaneous device operation.

Icon Building Security

Enhanced security through automatic access control, burglar and fire alarms, as well as water detection.

Icon phone notification

Immediate identification of problems through automatic system checks, alerting responsible personnel promptly.

Icon freezing temperatures

24/7 monitoring of refrigerators and freezers ensures food quality, with personnel alerted in case of errors

One of the biggest risks for restaurant owners is a sudden refrigerator failure in the middle of the night. With Loxone, we monitor the temperature and receive alerts for timely action. Managers can control everything from an iPad, ensuring operational continuity and catering to special client needs.

Sebastian Jofre

Optimal System Solutions

Optimized Store & Employee Management

Building automation facilitates access control and ease of use, addressing the frequent workforce changes in the restaurant industry.

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Streamline key management by canceling lost keys immediately and transferring rights to a new key effortlessly.

Icon Access Rights for Emplyees

Adjust access rights for employees, suppliers, visitors, and maintenance personnel in seconds, utilizing NFC technology.

Icon NFC Code Touch

Provide multi-store access for specific users with the same NFC tag, ID card or code.

Icon Secure Phone

Clear user management in just one app, and a comprehensive history of all accesses.

Franchise: Easy access management with simple products.

Effortless Dining Ambiance

Building automation in a franchise or chain significantly enhances the guest dining experience, delivering superior quality in lighting, audio, temperature, and air quality.

The lights in the restaurants are automatic; no buttons to press or dimmers to set up. Changes happen gradually, ensuring guests never notice. Temperature adjustments occur seamlessly without the need for manual intervention.

Sebastian Jofre

Optimal System Solutions


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