Exosphere – The Intelligent Building Management System of the Future

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13. May 2024

As our buildings get smarter and more interconnected, the demand for efficient monitoring and management skyrockets. Loxone Partners with many projects, companies and facilities are faced with the challenge of efficiently monitoring and managing a large number of installations. Enter Exosphere: our revolutionary solution paving the way for seamless management of large-scale installations.

Exosphere is an optional extension that provides an additional level of organization and analysis in intelligent building management. This online solution was specially developed to simplify the operation and maintenance of Miniserver “fleets”, whether individually or as part of a team.

Exosphere enables centralized storage and display of shared building data. Data from complex and distributed Loxone installations can be efficiently visualized and compared in system diagrams or dashboards.

At Loxone, the privacy of our customers is always a top priority. Therefore, all data shared with Exosphere is opt-in only to guarantee you full control and security.



Central Management of All Loxone Installations
All Miniservers are clearly displayed. This gives you a lot of important information at a glance. Customizable system diagrams show the respective real-time data of the installations. Regardless of whether they are at one or several locations.

Carry out updates or backups of the entire Miniserver fleet quickly and easily with just one click, or switch between visualization or Config of the projects. Thanks to flexible rights management, employees only see the information that is relevant to them.


Troubleshooting and Collaboration
The familiar Loxone color coding indicates information or possible problems. The respective system status is displayed in the device journal. In the event of problems, measures can be initiated immediately and tasks can be created for the team or employees. Troubleshooting effort is kept to a minimum.


Dashboards for Data Visualization
Cross-installation statistics make projects comparable and allow data-based decisions to be made. Want to compare the current or past energy consumption of several locations in one diagram? No problem.

These were just a few of the future-oriented applications of Exosphere.

Tip: As a Loxone Silver Partner, the “Essential” version of Exosphere is available to you free of charge.


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