Casa Sophia: Automating Spain’s Most Eco-Friendly Home

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27. May 2024

Welcome to Casa Sophia – a residence that embodies its name's essence of 'wisdom.' This architectural marvel is the culmination of two years of meticulous planning, design, and construction. Our mission with this project was to create the most sustainable home in Spain and Europe. Casa Sophia proudly holds the GREEN GBCe Certificate from the Green Building Council España (GBCe), boasting 5 leaves and an impressive 92% rating. Every aspect of this development was carefully crafted to achieve peak energy efficiency while fostering a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Project Goals

At Casa Sophia, from initial planning to construction, the primary focus of the project has been on prioritizing people’s health and sustainability. As a Passivhaus Premium building, it meets all the technical criteria required for achieving this goal.

Through Loxone’s advanced building management system, the home operates intelligently, resulting in substantial energy and cost savings. Continuous monitoring of essential health and efficiency data ensures that the system dynamically adjusts to prevailing circumstances. Every action and all recorded data is visualised in the Loxone App. When the measurements exceed the set limits of comfort or efficiency, the home acts to maintain an optimal environment and seamless operation at all times.


Madrid, Spain

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260 m²

Bio Construction and Biopassive Housing

At Casa Sophia, the construction focus was on utilizing natural resources while safeguarding the health of its residents. This was achieved through bio construction, a philosophy that employs eco-friendly materials to minimize environmental impact. Every stage of the process, from material extraction to recycling, was managed sustainably.

How was this accomplished? Initially, a geobiological study of the land was conducted to identify any materials that could potentially impact residents’ health. Furthermore, the home’s design was tailored to local geographical conditions and climate to ensure optimal comfort.

The primary material used by 100X100BioPasiva is wood, responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. Additionally, all other design components, including paints and finishes, are eco-friendly. These low-impact resources offer environmental benefits.

Moreover, Loxone’s low-voltage systems and 24V operation contribute to creating a living environment free of electrical and electromagnetic pollution.

But it doesn’t end there. Since 1993, 100x100BioPasiva has been committed to building with sustainability, health, and maximum energy efficiency in mind. Since 2012, they’ve pioneered “biopassive housing,” a revolutionary approach that combines bio construction with the Passivhaus Standard. These homes boast exceptional energy efficiency, year-round comfort temperature management, and reduce reliance on traditional air conditioning systems.

A biopassive house is distinguished by its strategic design: superior insulation, high-performance windows, eco-friendly materials, controlled ventilation, energy-conscious features, and comfortable temperatures and sound levels – all integrated into an efficient design. Integrating the Loxone building management system into a biopassive home not only prioritizes environmental concerns but also enhances residents’ quality of life.

Entrada casa Sophia
Casa Sophia

Air Quality for Health and Wellbeing

At Casa Sophia, air quality isn’t just a priority—it’s a steadfast commitment. Meeting the stringent requirements of both the meticulous Passivhaus Standard and the bio construction philosophy, maintaining high-quality indoor air is paramount for the well-being of occupants.

To monitor and record a wide range of data related to air quality, the MICA device from InBiot – compatible with the Loxone system – is used to record and visualise the air quality measurements in the Loxone App. Additionally, Loxone’s intelligent automation system manages ventilation, ramping up airflow when particle levels hit 600 micrograms per cubic meter. At Casa Sophia, the air you breathe reflects our dedication to quality, ensuring every corner of the home offers pristine air.

Formaldehyde and radon gas levels, volatile organic compounds, airborne dust particles, tropospheric ozone, CO2, temperature and humidity levels are all measured. The use of this data is truly impressive and gives yet another reason to choose low-impact materials that promote both a healthier planet and our own wellbeing.

sombreado automático

Automated Smart Blinds

At the heart of every Passivhaus home should be an automated solar shading system that serves as protection against overheating.

Casa Sophia has been designed through bioclimatic architecture that optimises its location and the local temperatures. During the winter, when the sun is in a lower position, it can still raise the interior temperature up to 28ºC. However, the smart shading managed and controlled by Loxone automation prevents overheating in both summer and winter. The system keeps a close eye on indoor temperatures and springs into action when it detects a deviation of 2ºC beyond the desired comfort level. Automatically adjusting the louvres to block out excess sunlight, Casa Sophia ensures a consistently pleasant and balanced atmosphere year-round, offering residents unmatched comfort regardless of the season.

This automation eliminates the need for homeowners to manually raise and lower blinds, as the Loxone system seamlessly manages temperature control throughout the year. This not only enhances convenience and comfort but also adds an extra layer of security to the building.

Charging Electric Vehicles

Efficient electric vehicle charging management at Casa Sophia is paramount. Leveraging peak solar energy generation, with an impressive output of nearly 14kW, the Loxone system intelligently responds to real-time consumption and production levels, automatically prioritizing key consumers like the Loxone Wallbox.

This ensures optimal energy utilization across high-demand appliances, with charging information readily accessible through centralized visualization on the Loxone App—the same platform controlling all smart functions within the home.

Maximizing solar surplus for enhanced energy management is a crucial feature that often goes unnoticed. However, the results speak volumes: by harnessing renewable energy in this manner, Casa Sophia has achieved ‘positive home’ status since February 2022, generating more power than it consumes.

Wallbox Loxone

Virtual Batteries and Limitless Energy

At Casa Sophia, technology is the main provider of cost and energy savings. Being a “positive house”, all surplus energy is stored in a virtual battery, as if it were a piggy bank. This means that when cloudy winter days arrive, the surplus stored in the piggy bank is used to supply the house. Casa Sophia will always remain a “positive house” due to this method of power generation. Loxone automation makes this process incredibly easy and unlocks the photovoltaic system’s full potential.

iluminación automática

The Miniserver: Efficient Consumption 24/7

The Miniserver is the central brain of Casa Sophia. It takes care of numerous essential functions to improve everyday life for residents. The two most crucial are intelligent lighting and air conditioning. Automating these features significantly contributes to the optimisation of energy consumption, resulting in incredible savings.

Via the Presence Sensors, lighting and AC control work automatically, meaning they will not activate once the occupants have left the house and therefore will not waste energy when nobody’s home.

Approximately 80% of the luminaires in the house are LED lights powered at 24V. This not only helps to reduce electromagnetic fields, but also allows for efficient and precise control and dimming. At Casa Sophia, technology and efficiency go hand in hand to offer state-of-the-art and sustainable lighting.

Air Conditioning, Comfort and Efficiency

In a house designed according to the Passivhaus Standard, energy consumption needs to be minimal from day 1. Through the integration of the Loxone building automation system, Casa Sophia can maintain a pleasant and constant climate in all rooms by adjusting the humidity and temperature levels according to the residents’ preferences.

One of the main priorities in passive house projects is the comfort and wellbeing of occupants. Therefore, in Casa Sophia, 2 air conditioning systems have been implemented to provide two different options. One of them is exclusively for air conditioning developed by 100x100BioPasiva through ventilation. The other system includes the underfloor heating/cooling on the ground floor.

The key to operate this home so efficiently is the harmonious control of all smart functions in a single installation and via the Loxone App. This not only makes climate control intuitive and convenient for the residents, but also promotes a high level of wellbeing in everyday life. At Casa Sophia, comfort is above all else.

Green Areas and Water Management

At Casa Sophia, natural resources work with cutting-edge automation technology to create a sustainable environment.

The house has 4 irrigation zones controlled by Loxone, and a bio-depurator that recycles and reuses both rainwater and greywater from the showers and toilets.

This water passes through a simple filter, then gets directed to the bathroom cisterns and the green areas: the green roof, the vertical garden, all the gardens around the house and the interior garden under the staircase. All of this is controlled by Loxone.

Humidity sensors are key to keeping the plants and lawns in good condition. The Loxone Weather Station on the roof collects data to predict if it’s going to rain. If rain is forecast, irrigation is not activated so water doesn’t go to waste.

Water management is crucial – especially these days – and Casa Sophia ensures that it’s only used when absolutely necessary.

riego automático

Total safety and security for peace of mind

Safety and security is essential for any home or building. The optimized Loxone system takes care of this in Casa Sophia with maximum efficiency to reduce day-to-day worries.

Water Sensor Air devices are essential components in this home and have been placed in all wet areas: kitchens and bathrooms. In the event of a detected incident, the system acts and warns the residents through their smartphones and with the lights flashing. If there’s a possible escape of water, Loxone automatically cuts off the main water supply. This can reduce the possibility of flooding and wasting water due to minor oversights. By integrating all these safety features into the Loxone system, home insurance costs have been significantly reduced.

Door & Window Contacts both inside and outside and an audible alarm ensure that the home is kept safe and secure by a one-off investment and no monthly fees.

As electrical installers and integrators, we work closely with 100X100BioPasiva and we are committed to Loxone because it gives us the opportunity to bring together all the installations that converge in a building. In this case, the Passivhaus takes a special relevance when it comes to control in a more exhaustive way – that is the air conditioning at the same time as the control of shading.

José Manuel Ares


The Loxone passive house automation system integrates an array of eco-friendly resources and energy-efficient technologies into a unified, highly efficient solution. This dynamic system orchestrates functions such as shading and presence-based lighting through automation, prioritizing occupant comfort and convenience. Residents can focus on what matters most, freed from the hassle of adjusting blinds to the sun’s position or managing heating controls.


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