Loxone Campus: 412 Speakers, 1 Seamless Audio System

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6. June 2024

With over 400 speakers, the Loxone Campus embodies the motto 'Where inspiration and enjoyment harmonize,' delivering an unforgettable experience for every visitor with top-of-the-line audio quality.

The Loxone Campus in picturesque Kollerschlag, Austria, is an architectural marvel, renowned for its scale, design, and intelligent automation. The modern ambiance goes beyond stylish living and working spaces, modern elegance, and luxurious amenities; it includes a state-of-the-art, atmospheric audio system. Spanning 8 hectares, 412 speakers deliver a cutting-edge, multi-sensory audio experience for guests and employees alike.

On site you will find:

  • in the restaurant: 60x Install Speaker 10 and 20x Satellite Speaker IP64
  • in the office: 105x Install Speaker 7
  • in the hotel: 82x Install Speaker 7 and 15x Install Speaker 10
  • in the wellness area: 25x Install Speaker 10
  • in the seminar and meeting area: 50x Install Speaker 10
  • in corridors, foyers, WCs etc.: 55x Install Speaker 7

A standout feature of the Loxone Campus is its spacious and beautiful Auditorium. This grand and unique space inspired Quadral and Loxone to jointly develop custom PA loudspeakers for it. The system boasts 64 woofers/midrange speakers and 48 tweeters distributed across two line arrays, supported by 8 subwoofers and 2 sidefill speakers, which add another 8 woofers/midrange speakers and 6 tweeters. It’s an audiophile’s dream come true that truly must be heard to be believed.

Visitors to the Loxone Campus are invariably impressed by the quality and scale of the audio experience throughout various spaces. From the gentle music playing in every hallway to the seamless transition of volume and song selection in the restaurant as afternoon turns to evening, the experience is captivating. Many leave wishing for a similar setup in their own projects or homes. We invite everyone to explore our new Multiroom Audio page to see how easy and intuitive it is to integrate audio into an automated building or smart home.


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