Building Automation in the Middle East: Expert Insights from Qatar

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21. November 2023

Selva Kumaran is a representative of Zillion Solution in Qatar and a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the technology space. Recently, he shared insights into the intricacies of the building automation industry in the Middle East, and his journey as a Loxone Partner.

Decoding Market Challenges: Navigating Integration Complexities in Smart Automation

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Integration Complexities

Handling various products from different manufacturers is the standard practice in the smart automation sector. Integrating technologies for security, lighting control, energy management, and more presents significant challenges for both integrators and customers.

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Hardware Management Issues

The existing solutions in the market require customers to deal with a multitude of hardware components, resulting in increased infrastructure costs and maintenance challenges.

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Limited Versatility

The current technologies fall short in meeting the diverse needs of customers. There is a clear demand in the market for a simplified, integrated approach to streamline solutions.

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Fragmented Solutions

The market presented fragmented solutions, making it challenging for integrators and customers to manage multiple systems efficiently.

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Infrastructure Overhead

The extensive infrastructure required for managing different technologies added unnecessary costs and complexities for both service providers and customers.

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Lack of Unified Control:

The absence of a unified control platform made it difficult for customers to handle diverse use cases within a smart building effectively.

When it comes to security or lighting control, it becomes very difficult for our customers to manage multiple partner products and do comprehensive maintenance.

Loxone offers a single integrated approach where we can manage multiple use cases of a customer, providing a 10-key solution. This is much more lucrative for me and represents my customers’ interests also. In a single solution, Loxone can handle all the use cases of a smart building.

Selva Kumaran

Zillion Solution Trading W.L.L

Loxone’s Technological Impact: Streamlining Solutions with an Integrated Approach

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Integrated Approach

With its single integrated approach, Loxone offers a platform that can efficiently manage multiple use cases, from security to lighting control and energy management.

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Compact & Cost-Effective

The compact nature of Loxone’s controllers impressively reducing the number of IO points, power requirements, and network infrastructure, providing a commercially viable and cost-effective solution.

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Versatility Across Verticals

The ability of Loxone to map different use cases for various building verticals on a single platform stands out as a unique and beneficial aspect.

When it comes to Loxone, it is a single integrated approach. We can handle most of these use cases of a customer with a single controller. This gives you more commercially viable solutions for a customer and avoids all the sizing or back-office infrastructure. The entire building was managed by a small set of controllers, which gives you a lot of reduction in the number of IO points.

Selva Kumaran

Zillion Solution Trading W.L.L

The Evolution of Partnership: From Challenges to Loxone Solutions

Introduced to Loxone by his engineer, the initial quest was to find solutions for specific hurdles in the smart home automation sector. Recognizing Loxone’s potential to address not only these immediate challenges but also offer a unified approach, Mr. Kumaran’s decision to partner with Loxone emerged from a tech-driven evaluation. This collaboration reflects the alignment of technical vision and the pursuit of streamlined building automation solutions in the Middle East market.

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