Bounce Park: Automation of the largest adventure park in Slovakia

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2. March 2023

Bounce Park 17 is the largest sports and amusement park in Slovakia, where children and adults can find more than 50 different attractions, from trampolines, climbing walls, children's attractions to a multifunctional turf playground. The entire park is equipped with Loxone as a complete automation system controlling all lighting and regulating heating and cooling.

Endless fun for all ages

Situated in the center of one of Slovakia’s largest cities, Bounce Park 17 recently opened its doors for play-seekers of all ages. Moreover, this diverse space offers areas for fun and relaxation, not just for children, but also parents and larger groups to let their inner-child run free.

This colorful location is the first of its size in the area with its trampoline adventure park covering 4.000 m2.

The main idea of BOUNCE PARK 17 is to inspire movement and have fun doing so. Our goal is to create a pleasant place where our customers will find entertainment from different kinds of attractions all while being under one roof. Having the lights, music, and heating/cooling system’s automated in the background makes the experience even better for both staff and visitors.

Ing. Ján Gondáš

Marketing Director, Bounce Park 17

Skákacia aréna s penovými kockami
Dráha na beh

Loxone in Action

This adventure park has received the complete Loxone lighting package including:

  • Main lighting
  • Mood lighting
  • Professional DJ lighting
  • Lighted signage
  • Facade lighting
  • Parking lot lighting

Beyond simple lighting control, Loxone’s products take natural light into account and adjust the intensity to maintain the perfect atmosphere. Likewise, the light’s colors can be adjusted to enhance the atmosphere by being timed with music or events.

Fact Check

Location: Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Area Size: 4.000 m2

Opened: 2021

Loxone Partner: DOMICO, s. r. o.

Covering every corner for full worry-free automation

Based on hours of operation, the Loxone system self-regulates to automate each individual attraction for the best experience. Additionally, both music and light production are automated so the staff can help visitors without worry. For true hands-free automation, the system intermittently switches on the digital advertising boards located around the space.

Heating and ventilation is also controlled all the way out to the parking areas. Especially to ensure there’s no wasted energy in this lively adventure park, Loxone measures the electricity consumption in each area. The owner of Bounce Park 17 enjoys peace of mind while Loxone works hard in the background to control the central UPS.

The Loxone Partner behind the Bounce Park

The company DOMICO, s.r.o. has been a Loxone Partner since 2020, and primarily focuses on the complete supply of intelligent installation solutions that are more energy efficient, which is a significant benefit in today’s era of rising energy prices. In addition, they also install security systems, data and television distribution systems, photovoltaic systems, recuperation units, and heat pumps.
There was no other attraction like Bounce Park 17 anywhere nearby, so there was huge potential for unique technology. The project is a very specific idea that makes both children and their parents happy. The control of light and music together inside such a welcoming environment makes a pleasant experience for visitors. For the staff, the automation of lighting control, power supply for equipment, and heating makes it easier and saves time.
Ing. Jozef Dian

DOMICO, s. r. o.

Space to Relax

Whether it’s visitors needing to catch a breath, or parents seeking a more peaceful environment, the spacious and modern cafe offers the perfect space to unwind. In fact, the automated warm lighting and softer music separates this space from the action park by creating a pleasant, relaxing environment. Not to mention, with delicious coffee and tasty food, whether you’re watching or in need of a break, this space is a perfect place to unwind from all the fun. Plus, for those who’d rather sit out, the action inside is always in sight with the glass-enclosed terraces available in the cafe.


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