New Release: The Loxone Remote Air!

Lucinda Wood
15th December 2014 in Technology

The wait is finally over! We are proud to introduce the Loxone Remote Air to our family of products! What makes this product unique?  Lets find out!

Everything Under Control

The Loxone Remote Air lets you control a variety of features including Lighting, Audio/Video, HVAC, Home Security and more! The Smart Home Remote allows you to control five touch points for five separate smart home features!

Easy to Use and Manage

The Loxone Remote Air is easy to control with instant response time. With one click, you are in full control of your smart home. Easily switch lights scenes, control your garage door, activate home security and more!


Always Ready To Go!

Saving you the time to find your phone or smart tablet! The Loxone Remote Air is always ready for use and will instantly connect to any of your connected home appliances. Coverage is also extensive with up to 328 feet in plain sight and up to 99 feet indoors!

Highlights and Smart Features

ICON_RING,Irrigation50x50 Outdoor Use (Patio, Yard & Garden)

    • Easily turn on / off outdoor lighting, irrigation and more in your yard & garden while controlling music, shading security and lighting for the patio! Instantly control everything with ease!


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ICON_RING,Car50x50 Garage Control

    • Control and operate garage door access to your smart home with the Air-based wireless remote.  A simple push on your remote and your garage or gate will open or close.


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ICON_RING,Alarm50x50 Home Security

    • Use your Remote Air to activate or disable home security. With a click of a button, your smart home is fully secure. Confirm your home alarm is when your outdoor lights flash twice.


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ICON_RING,Audio50x50 Multi-Room Audio / Video

    • With one simple click you can turn your Smart Home Music System on or off, raise or lower volume, change music source and much more!


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