Loxone Audioserver Beta


  • added CustomURL Feature (adding own Radio Stations / custom streaming URLs)
  • avoiding jingles on radio for first stream start


  • fixed Stereo Extensions not having the need for a LAN IP wont request one
  • (typically only the case if you have multiple extension outputs connected to a single player where only one extension will be spotify/airplay master)
  • fixed Stereo Extension time not accurate (causing spotify not able to re-login)
  • fixed Stream distribution not terminated correctly between Compact Miniservers causing duplicate Streams on a single output
  • fixed some race conditions for Stereoe Extensions that did not correctly gather an ip from dhcp
  • fixed Events not fully restore on stacked players
  • fixed Events being interrupted when linein was playing
  • fixed a grouped Player’s behaviour when it starts to play while Event is playing in the group. Now the player continues to play after the event
  • fixed Source State Synchronisation causing sometimes wrong playing status
  • fixed no sound output issue with Volume+ or Play arrive while TTS plays.
  • fixed no sound output issue due to sourcefinding algorithm when play or volume+ arrives at 2AS or more at the same time on players of a group
  • fixed some systemerror message not shown in systemstatus
  • fixed newly added Players did not get the optimized EQ Settings until Audioserver services restarted or another ‘Save into Miniserver’ triggered it
Loxone Audioserver Beta


  • Fix issue with extension launcher process could be started twice
  • Fix issue with missing kernelupdate leading to spotify unplayable on Audioserver outputs
  • Added Audio Testfiles into Library to easily identify right/left outputs
  • Fix incorrect playstates from spotify (show paused whilst playing)
  • EQ rebalanced for much better sound when a customer does not configure the EQ of a player
    • Will only apply to players with all EQ Bands to 0 at the time of installation of this update
    • Of course it will not change anything if there is already a custom setup
    • Will only apply once, future updates or changing the EQ back to 0 will not lead to a change again
  • Optimized PTP for larger loxone installations where a lot of ptp traffic is expected and could have negative effects on time synchronisation
Loxone Audioserver Beta


  • BG-I17165 Airplay Volume after initial Connect was wrong before 1st play arrived
  • BG-I21603 Network Folder Add/Edit to check for Active Directory Usernames
  • BG-I21526 AS Blinkstate orange when Master Miniserver TCP Connection drops
  • BG-I22286 fix copy EQ Settings has no effect
  • BG-I21603 fix add/update Synology/ AD authenticated NAS Shares
  • BG-I21395 fix issue with event states notification to Miniserver
  • BG-I21174 Linein to SPDIF jitter after longer play time fixed
  • BG-I21395 fix Event Notifications to Miniservers
  • Missing Stream Errors (Spotify Account Takeover) in certain situations
  • Time source stability improovement
  • Improve kernel timing for audio tasks
  • Crash when syncing event states between Audioservers
  • Crashes on websocket reconnects
  • Spotify master/follow states across multiple Audioservers
  • Spotify Moods/Genres not displayed when ENU (US) language was set
  • Source selection algorithm putting some sinks to wrong source due to race condition (muted outputs)
  • Linein playing groups including SPDIF outputs could be offsync
  • Event metadata not shown on all Players across many Audioservers
  • Autorepeat on single track and playlist via playurl
  • Airplay not correctly setting all players to connect/follow state with multiple Audioservers
  • Admininterface stability improvements
  • Reducing overall communication overhead across Audioservers
Loxone Audioserver Beta

NOTE: If a Miniserver Compact is installed with an stacked audio server, the Miniserver Compact must be at least on version Alpha or higher (Beta!



  • Custom sound input on the Audio Player FunctionBlock:
    To play back a freely definable MP3 file, triggered by logic or API command.
  • Standby consumption:
    The currently very low stand-by consumption has been further improved.
  • Combination with the Miniserver Compact:
    Especially in larger installations where several Miniserver Compact and Audioservers are used in combination, the new update ensures improved communication and stability for cross-device audio zones.
  • Stability:
    Optimized caching and logging to create more memory for audio playback.
    Improved synchronicity in cross-device playback via Tree Turbo (latencies < 1ms).
  • System Messages:
    Displayed system messages now describe the error messages even better (Spotify reason for playback error, ….).