Loxone Audioserver Beta

NOTE: If a Miniserver Compact is installed with an stacked audio server, the Miniserver Compact must be at least on version Alpha or higher (Beta!



  • Custom sound input on the Audio Player FunctionBlock:
    To play back a freely definable MP3 file, triggered by logic or API command.
  • Standby consumption:
    The currently very low stand-by consumption has been further improved.
  • Combination with the Miniserver Compact:
    Especially in larger installations where several Miniserver Compact and Audioservers are used in combination, the new update ensures improved communication and stability for cross-device audio zones.
  • Stability:
    Optimized caching and logging to create more memory for audio playback.
    Improved synchronicity in cross-device playback via Tree Turbo (latencies < 1ms).
  • System Messages:
    Displayed system messages now describe the error messages even better (Spotify reason for playback error, ….).