Loxone App 12.2.10 Beta 3 (2022.06.23):
  • Connection: Stuck in connection attempt when no TLS is possible locally & remote unavailable
  • Desktop Apps: BG-I17200: SystemStart was not handled correctly
  • Desktop Apps: Selected Presence Control not saved properly
  • Audio Zone: BG-I16944: items inside local playlist not playable when opened via search
  • QuickActions: BG-I17076: Couldn’t send QuickAction if FaceID or TouchID was enabled
  • Audio Zone: Spotify Liked songs not playable with play/shuffle buttons
  • Audio Zone: Spotify liked songs not properly responding to account changes, old user shown.
  • Audio Zone: Removed account switcher from screens that are not account-dependent (e.g. spotify lists in history/favourites)
  • Audio Zone: Playlists played from overview-screens (playlists/start) did not mind the shuffle flag
  • Audio Zone: BG-I17179: Spotify overview remained empty when app was brought back from background
  • LightV2: Added Support for Daylight settings
  • LightV2: Added Support for TuneAbleWhite
  • iOS: Fixed black screen after installing the app
  • General: Audio Zone List headers occasionally not updated.