App 14.7.1 (2024.04.02)


  • System Status 
    • Like Loxone Config, a tiny red indicator will now highlight unread entries. 


  • Alarm Clock 
    • BG-I25806: Scrolling through the operating modes/days not possible on small enough screens 
    • BG-I27850: Badge for days/modes renderd faulty in alarm clock  
  • Alexa 
    • Error message was shown if a control didn’t have a room assigned 
  • Audio Player 
    • BG-I28756: System Status Messages not sufficiently visible 
  • Burglar Alarm 
    • BG-I27725: Alarm time countdown is out of sync when screen of the phone is locked  
  • Central Burglar Alarm & Gate 
    • System Status messages were not carried over to Central referencing a control with an active message  
  • Control History 
    • BG-I28178: History entries not dated correctly when device’s location changes  
  • Door and Window Monitor 
    • BG-I28731: Room and Mounting Place shown without spacing  
  • Intercom 
    • BG-I26621: Share Button missing in activity picture from Intercom 
    • Scrolling between activity pictures not possible 
    • Video stream was not stopped fully when leaving the control 
    • BG-I27707: Intercom video was not loading in Ambient Mode when set as Entry Point 
    • Black screen when opening past activity on User-defined Intercom 
  • Inteligent Room Controller 
    • BG-I26854: Manual setpoint: activation with presence  
  • IOS 
    • BG-I28653: Fix crash of watch-app on startup 
    • Siri Shortcuts: BG-I28653: Fix siri shortcut not being executed  
  • Lighting Controller 
    • BG-I28710: Hint text is shown expanded after leaving mood edit screen  
  • Load Manager 
    • BG-I28410: Icon corrupted when re-appearing on the screen or displayed in different view 
  • Meter 
    • BG-I26356: deactivating statistic via expert mode keeps it showing until Ms reboot/app restart 
    • BG-I26355: Blackscreen when activating statistik via expert mode 
  • NFC Code Touch 
    • BG-I28080: First selected method gives “undefined” in history of NFC when 2 factor authentication is enabled  
  • User Management 
    • Changing a username and setting a interface password simultaneously does result in an unknown password 
    • BG-I28647: Changing a username and setting a password simultaneously does result in an unknown password 
    • BG-I27052: Character “&” is forbidden for username in the App  
  • Presence 
    • BG-I21576: Presence did not work corretly using macOS app after inactivity when unlocking the screen  
  • Push Notifications (Android) 
    •  BG-I28818: Loading of intercom push-notification-preview-image fails, when remotely connected to Miniserver Gen. 1 via CloudDNS  
  • Schedule 
    • BG-I27763: Not possible to change Schedule block icon in App  
  • Scene 
    • BG-I26838: No actions in scene edit are displayed when provided Radio Button option is removed after the scene was set-up using it 
    • BG-I26813: Scene Edit button was visible to a user who did not have required permissions to edit the Scene 
    • BG-I24530: No recovery from connection loss when sending a command  
  • Sorting Screen 
    • BG-I27064: Android hardware back button doesn’t respond  
  • Spot Price Optimiser 
    • BG-I26547: Not showing data on graph despite it being available and forecast times adjust to devices timezone when the device is in different timezone than the Miniserver 
    • BG-I28522: Calculation for warning info message is wrong 
    • BG-I28828: Uses device timezone in Spot Price Automation instead 
    • BG-I28569: Shows incorrect number of chosen hours in Spot Price Automation  
  • Status Monitor 
    • Is now more descriptive of which linked monitor is Incompletely configured 
    • BG-I28625: App crashed when main monitor was configured without text trying to get text from its sub-monitor  
  • System Status 
    • BG-I28377: Displaying an entry did not mark it as read 
    • BG-I28472: System Status shows unread entries message despite no active entries being present  
  • Shading Central 
    • BG-I24579: Shading Central – No Motor bloked indicator 
  • Time 
    • System Status, Wallbox, Battery Level of Air Devices: Time representation adjusted to be consistent with Miniserver time when device location changes 
    • BG-I23690: Correcting time on Miniserver is incorrect when device is in a different day time saving already 
  • Trust 
    • BG-I26749: Updating current user password does not work when connected to Trusted Miniserver  
  • Wallbox 
    • BG-I28375: History entries not dated correctly when device’s location changes 
    • BG-I23520: System Status Messages not displayed properly inside of the block 
App 14.5.2 (2024.02.20)


  • Support for new Status Monitor Block
App 14.5.1 Beta 1 (2023.12.13)


· Audio Zone: Announcement feature not working on Android 13+

· EFM: Production-Nodes with bidirectional meters wrongfully consider negative values as consumption, regardless of the configuration on the meter.

· Managed Tablets: Version Information not passed properly to MS.

· Message Center: Mounting place not shown in messages.

· Spot Price Optimizer: No data in chart shown when some datapoints within the day are missing

· Trust/Archive: About Miniserver screen always shows remote url of currently connected one instead of the selected Miniservers remote url.