Music Server changelog


New Features / Functions:
– Systemstate: pushing existing Health and Streaming Errors (known from Music Server Admin page) to Miniservers new “Systemstate”
– UPnP: Denon Heos Firmware Fix, repairs access to Denon FW > 31.05.18
– UPnP: added Mode 1029 for B&O Beoplay Series as template
– TuneIn SSL Connection to Stations
– Spotify Cover fixer


– Fixed Spotify Covers
– Fixed Secure Connection Certificates for TuneIN Stations
– fixed: triggercard check, if there is only one audio file in queue and song is finished
– fixed: somtetimes empty / blank covers in track listings
– fixed: BG-I1825 Spotify playlist as roomfavorite without trigger function

– included google music fix for new google accounts using the changed authorization system *
* if you add a google music account the first time, be sure to use your google main account without any two-factor-authentication
– reworked Airplay over iTunes 12.9.x compatibility due to handling changes from Apple
– adapted Music Server Admin Page healthstates to new google answers to minimize internet request traffic
– adapted spotify changes of “follow playlist”, it’s working again

Known limitations:
– Airplay receiving works only with one zone per sender and not in groups (limited by Apple)
– incompatible UPnP-Devices: Bose Soundtouch Series, due to DLNA-incompatibilites in Bose Firmware not all DLNA commands are supported by device.

Please avoid using in parallel apps or controls when testing your device as Music Server UPnP-Zone.
A few bug reports are the result of using it in parallel with other tools, controls and apps, which is struggling the device itself and not forseen by protocol.
We have to be sure, that the Music Server is the master of the device without any second influence at the same time (especially Apps which hold the
connection open in the background or device controls).

For your overview, here is the list of the actual (including internal testing) upnp-modes:
upnpmode 0 autodetect device capabilitites
upnpmode 2001 if you can’t hear music, but it looks like it is playing or if your stream is interrupted somewhere in the file
upnpmode 2002 if your playlist doesn’t go through, fails switching to next song
upnpmode 2003 if you have problems with resume after pausing
upnpmode 2004 Combination of 2001 and 2002
upnpmode 2005 Combination of 2001 and 2003
upnpmode 2006 using additional codecs for generic devices
upnpmode 2007 using additional pause / start requests when changing tracks
upnpmode 2008 *** GENERIC TEMPLATE 8 (Safe Mode 1) generic safe parameters for most not listed players
upnpmode 2009 *** GENERIC TEMPLATE 9 (Safe Mode 2) same as 2008, but used if spotify does not stream
*** recommended if there is no specific device template for you player

Specific Device Templates:
mode device
1000 Vast electronics WiFi-HiFi
1001 Sonos Play:3, ZP100, Play:1 (1), Connect
1002 Raumfeld
1003 Pioneer (generic e.g. N30)
1004 Pioneer (XW-SMA Series)
1005 Marantz generic
1006 Marantz CR-Series
1007 Marantz NR-Series
1008 Roku Players
1009 IcyBox
1010 Revo Axis generic
1011 Revo Axis Stream series
1012 Musical Fidelity M1
1013 Sony X-xx Series
1014 Lenco Playlink Series Devices
1015 Denon CEOL Series
1016 Sonos Playbar
1017 Sonos Play:5
1018 Sonos Play:1 (2)
1019 Denon generic devices
1020 WHD
1021 Raumfeld II (2016 series)
1022 Harman Kardon Receiver series
1023 Onkyo generic
1024 Onkyo CR-N755
1025 Pure One Flow Radios
1026 Pure Jongo S3X
1027 WHD II (CE/9xxx series)
1028 Silvercrest devices
1029 B&O Beoplay Series