Commercial case studies

Loxone technology is used in commercial settings all around the world, benefiting a whole host of organisations and developers in multiple ways. Here are just a few examples of the different ways in which Loxone has been implemented:


The Levels

The Levels is a new exclusive residential complex. It has 125 premium apartments, all with Loxone Smart Home Technology installed to ensure the absolute highest living standards for the discerning residents.

Chalet Village

Deep in the middle of the Salzburg mountains sits Auszeit, a luxury chalet village. Their slogan, “home is where you feel good” but as the modern home is evolving, so are their chalets. Loxone helps bring modern Smart Home technology to this traditional picturesque getaway.


Träumeland, which translates to Dreamland, is a leading manufacturer of babies mattresses and thus provide babies all over the world with a healthy night’s sleep. There’s no doubt that a business like this has to meet high demands. That’s why they’ve opted for a smart office equipped with Loxone technology to help create the right environment to make their great work possible. 

Hofstetten Brewery

The Hofstetten brewery is the oldest brewery in Austria and one of the oldest in the world. However, now it’s also one of the smartest thanks to Loxone. From lighting control to temperature monitoring & important safety functions; this brewery is a great example of unique automation.  

Loxone Basecamp

As the headquarters of Loxone, the entire building is fully automated. Combined with the unique architecture, the Basecamp offers the ideal workplace.

Red Cross Barcelona 

The worldwide humanitarian movement Red Cross now have their Barcelona headquarters intelligently managed by Loxone. From automated air quality to panic buttons announcements this project is certainly unique…