The Vices Hotel

Fact Check

Loxone Partner


The Vices, York, is a luxury private house hotel and fine-dining concept set against the exquisite backdrop of a building once home to
a Victorian Police Station.

The clients, curators Daniel Curro and Moreno Carbone, had a clear
vision of what they wanted to achieve. Carefully selected original
artwork, Italian designer furniture, finishes and light fixtures
accentuating the property’s period features, and the subtle use of
modern technology, tied together to deliver a unique and luxurious

Daniel and Moreno also wanted to allow guests 24 hour access to The
Vices York at all times, without needing to liaise with concierge or
even carry a key card.


With the Loxone system intelligently managing essential functions of
the building such as heating and ventilation, shading, lighting and
security, we gave the clients more time to focus on the most important
part of their business, the guests.

We used presence-driven lighting and audio in communal areas to
deliver a seamless experience as guests move around the property.

This experience extends into each of the three suites, where guests can
take control of heating, lighting, shading and entertainment via the
Loxone app and iPad provided.

We used the Loxone Touch Pure to give guests control of these same
functions via a wall-mounted switch that is perfectly suited to the
aesthetic of the space. In spaces where the client wanted to retain the
period feel, we integrated brass toggle switches into Loxone to deliver
this same functionality.

Using the Loxone NFC Code Touch, guests are able to enter the
property and their individual suite using a uniquely generated code,
mitigating the risk of lost or broken keycards and making for a more
seamless guest experience.

Having previously used Loxone in a hospitality setting, we knew it
could deliver effective control which was effortless, intuitive and user friendly.

The Loxone system is not cloud-based and does not rely on an external internet connection or WiFi network. This was crucial for both data security and also to ensure the system was robust and didn’t “fall over” with a drop in internet connection.

The flexibility of the system allowed us to seamlessly integrate
Loxone’s own products with 3rd-party lighting fixtures, shading, heating, and ventilation systems. This meant we could meet the clients clear aesthetic vision without losing functionality.

What the client says “The Loxone system has integrated perfectly into
our vision for The Vices York. We want our guests to experience a journey that we’ve created for them, but also have the control to adapt the space. Realistically it’s about making your stay feel personal and bespoke to your needs. You might want a warmer suite, a lighter space you might want to listen to a podcast whilst you get settled into bed. The Loxone system means we can deliver a higher level of hospitality and empower our guests to truly own their space.”

Michael Akers