The Ridings

Fact Check

Tilehurst, Reading
Loxone Partner


The Ridings is a housing development made up of 35 new build properties, including 3, 4 and 5 bed homes. The homes are designed to provide open-plan living areas for modern lifestyles, and what better way to do this than with Loxone’s home automation systems. They also wanted to provide an air of luxury in their showhome and ultimately offer this as an upgrade in the new builds. The developers (Darcliffe Homes) recognised the importance of being able to demonstrate the endless benefits of automation and hence made sure that their showhome was fully kitted out with every technology they were offering to buyers. As this allowed them to show customers all the features, meaning customers can more easily choose what they wanted to option for their own new build home.


The showroom included:

Lighting - Included smart lighting throughout the property whilst staying true to the design of the home. In the main rooms throughout the house there are colour changing lights and in the rest of the rooms there are dimmable lights using the Loxone Touch Pure and Loxone Smart Sockets.

Heating - Fully automated system that never has to be touched and if the owners want to see what is happening it is all accessible and can override it through the app. Rooms will be at desired temperatures at the right times for their usage, with the smart system of individual room control, including the ability for different rooms to be at different temperatures.

Security - The developers offer the usual security features through Loxone that would alert the homeowners to anything being amiss via in person signs and app notifications and warnings, but motion sensors, wireless door and window contacts and water sensors can also be added for extra peace of mind.

Centralised control - A Loxone Smart Home just works around you without the need to continually adjust things. However, should someone want to change something, Smartworks have installed an iPad with a sleek iPad wall mount – giving homeowners a convenient centralised point of control.

All items included in the showroom are available options for all new houses via upgrades.

Involving a company like ourselves means Darcliffe have experience available to them throughout the whole process, so we can inject ideas in at the design stage, we understand the common challenges that some of the trades may face during the installation and then can be there to ensure a smooth handover at the end.

Jack MorganDirector, Smartworks