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With Loxone, you can offer your school, college or university students a powerful and captivating tool to learn about the use of home & building automation. We offer you the opportunity to bring our technology into your classroom.

As simple as it is intelligent –
perfect for your lessons

A Loxone system is easy to understand and use for both teachers and students. With Loxone you are a step closer to the future since our software and hardware are characterised by simple design and seamless usability.

Learning by doing

Free Software

At Loxone, all software including running updates is free of charge. We offer you and your students the most powerful configuration software in the industry – perfect for practice-oriented lessons. Despite the numerous possible applications of our technology, Loxone Config remains easy to use and easy to understand for your students. Plus the Loxone App, allows students to test and operate their configurations.

Online Documentation

We provide online documentation, training videos and other resources free of charge so that students and participants can immediately immerse themselves in the world of Loxone. In addition, teachers can participate in our Loxone Qualification Training free of charge, where they learn how to use our hardware and software.

Our special offer
for educational institutions

For educational institutions*, which are equipped with at least 5 fully-fledged Loxone workstations, we have put together a special offer with numerous advantages.

Special price for
laboratory equipment

If you have more than five laboratory workstations with Loxone in your classroom, you may benefit from an incredible 90% discount from the list price.

Personal point
of contact

Receive support directly from the manufacturer; our team is at your service. Your personal contact person will be happy to help you implement a concept for the correct use of Loxone in the classroom.

Exciting products at
an affordable price

Loxone offers a complete home & building automation solution for an affordable price. Get in touch today to see how you can get a Loxone system for a great price.

Free training
from Loxone

Teachers will be trained to teach the students how to deal with smart technology in a detailed and practical way. Participation may take place either by attending one of our public training courses or by training in the laboratory of the educational institution. If training takes place within the educational institute, travel expenses, meals and accommodation for trainers will be payable by the educational institute.

Personal support &

For technical questions and uncertainties regarding your laboratory implementation, your personal contact will be available to support you. We give teachers and students the unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of Loxone. For this, we invite the educational institution every year to our offices to meet the team and find out what it’s like to work at one of the world’s fastest-growing automation companies.



Upon installing our equipment, you will receive free marketing support from us including advertising material such as stickers, roll-up banners, brochures, t-shirts (for teachers) and more. In addition, we will write a blog about your educational institution which will be featured on our website and social media channels.

*Our special educational offer is exclusively for schools, technical colleges and universities as well as educational institutions which take official examinations.

Conditions for a successful cooperation

Our offer is valid only for qualifying places of education. Please contact us if you are unsure as to whether your establishment would be suitable.

1. Use

The components listed in point 2 are used for at least 3 years and exclusively for training purposes in the laboratory of the educational establishment. Any modification of the intended use requires the express written consent of Loxone. Any use of the components contrary to the contract entitles Loxone to terminate this agreement without delay and to invoice the difference to the list price in full.

2. Components

Subject to this agreement are the listed components considered as “laboratory space equipment”.

3. Marketing Measures

The following marketing measures should be implemented to increase awareness of your Loxone lab:

  • A permanent Loxone Rollup Banner must be on display in the educational institution.
  • Inclusion of a link to Loxone on the school webpage
  • Institution makes viewing of lab space available upon request  to other educational institutions
  • Provide for free advertisements in the student newspaper and/or provide for Loxone job ads on the school bulletin board


Loxone agree to contribute the following:

  • Blog entry focused on the education institution
  • Listing on the web as a Loxone-certified educational institution
  • Distribution of blog to social media channels to thousands of fans
  • Provision of polo shirts for trained teachers
  • Provision of advertising material (brochures, cubes stickers, etc.)
4. Loxone Qualification Training

The educational institution is committed to instructing teachers in the laboratory to undergo Loxone’s Qualification Training course.

The training of the teachers teaching in the laboratory is carried out free of charge by one of our top trainers after completion of the laboratory workplaces in the local training centre. Three full training sessions are free of charge and are agreed with Loxone as required.

Travel expenses to the training location and back are calculated according to actual expenses. The location of Reading serves as the basis for the travel expenses.

There are two options for teacher training:

Option 1: On-site in the laboratory/workshop of the educational institute

    • Minimum number of participants is 5 persons
    • Travel expenses shall be paid by the educational institute
    • Full board & hotel room with free internet access for the trainer is provided by the educational institution
    • Training takes place from Tuesday to Thursday
    • For a journey of 3 hours or more, trainers will arrive on Monday and depart on Friday, incurring two additional night’s accommodation.

Option 2: Visit a public Loxone training course

    • For teachers who are teaching in the laboratory and who have not been able to attend on-site training, there is no charge for Loxone’s public training.
    • NO additional requirements
5. Inspection of workstations by Loxone
  • Loxone must be notified upon completion of installing the equipment into the workstations.
  • A Loxone employee will sign this off, according to appointment agreement on-site in the education centre.
  • As part of the sign-off process, we expect a teacher who has attended the Loxone training to give a short example lesson on the equipment.
6. From the educational institute
  • Learning objectives for students participating in these lessons
  • Number of hours

Subsequent equipment from other laboratories or extension of existing ones must be documented within 30 days from delivery to Loxone.

(Not included in the Loxone educational program are electricians and companies providing training to internal teams or for commercial health programs. Educational facilities that take official examinations can provide laboratory facilities for these purposes.)

Loxone in your classroom

Are you interested in integrating Loxone into your education program? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns, or visit our offices in Reading.

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