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How to get real energy savings

less energy consumption
With a Loxone fully equipped family home!
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easy ways to cut your energy bill
Here are 4 simple ways to reduce your energy bill helping the environment and the piggy bank at the same time.
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9.2 kWh
rating for this passivhaus
far below the average of 50-65 kWh / m2a of heat for similar new builds.
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cooler - with no need for air conditioning
Graz University of Technology has confirmed rooms can be significantly cooler just through automated blind and ventilation control.
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reduction in your office energy bill
How can energy management in an office make a big difference to your monthly energy costs?
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building, many temperature zones
No more cold feet –
thanks to intelligent individual room heating control.
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Miniserver for energy management
With just one Loxone Miniserver, you can implement comprehensive energy management.
year ROI
Commercial energy savings through the Loxone Audioserver. A small change to the Mandarin Oriental's audio system, saw a yearly saving of thousands of pounds.
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kWh energy saving
Loxone has saved this household money and reduced their carbon footprint. Showing just how effective Loxone is as an energy management solution.
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saving a year
Loxone was installed here for energy management. It resulted in a yearly saving of 3979 kWh being drawn from the grid and 10 tonnes in pellets. They also gained 8260 kWh extra from solar that can be given to the grid.
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reduction in monthly energy costs
The Loxone install will equate to an annual saving of around £10,000 in energy consumption for the shopping centre.
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reduction in winter energy bills
Loxone has reduced the company's energy consumption by 30% with the implementation of a few simple measures.
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Tell us about your energy management project

Do you have a Loxone project with a heavy energy focus? If so be sure to email us the details and we can turn it into a reference for you. With there being the potential that it  may even appear on our Energy Hub! All of which would give your company, and its work, great exposure.

To do this please send us the facts and figures that showcase the energy savings you have gained through Loxone. Is there a before and after comparison? What cost savings in £ have been or could be achieved? How many kWh has been or could be saved? How much has water consumption reduced?

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