New and improved: Loxone RGBW LED Strips – Available Now!

27th August 2015 in Technology

So the weather has been pretty miserable of late, but that’s no reason why your home can’t be cheerful! If you’re reading this, chances are you already know quite a bit about RGBW LED lighting, but if not, here’s a little introduction.

RGBW LED strips are becoming an increasingly common sight in homes up and down the country. Especially popular in kitchens, they allow you to change the look and feel of a room at the touch of a button. Some people enjoy going for splashes of colour (we’re a big fan of green, funnily enough), whilst others go for a warm white to create a cosy, homely feel.

LED lighting is also very handy for highlighting certain features of a room (if you’re interested in this, click here to check out how clever lighting has been used to draw attention to the feature wall in this incredible townhouse in London).

The most popular places for LED strips

We’ve already mentioned the kitchen, but our LED strips have been used in a variety of places in thousands of Loxone Smart Home projects. These are just a few of the most popular:

– Shelves, cabinets and wardrobes
– Behind sofas, benches and sideboards
– On the bedstead in the bedroom
– On the stairs – not only does this look striking, but it’s also a handy safety feature
– On base and crown moulding
– Outside under the eaves, in flower pots and around the garden

RGBW LED Streifen Collage

What’s important when buying LED strips?

We first starting selling RGB LED strips back in 2011. Since then, a lot has changed and we’re pleased to offer a range of high quality RGBW LED strips at a great price.

If you’re looking to buy LED strips and want to avoid the cheap and nasty, here’s what to look for:

  • High number of LED chips per strip and small distances between each strip
  • Good quality, stable conductor tracks that aren’t too thin
  • High quality resistors for maximum longevity and durability
  • Good quality coating and protection (some of the cheaper versions will give off quite a noxious smell from poor quality plastic housing when switched on!).

For more about how to choose a good quality LED strip and what to watch out for, check out our previous blog: What To Look For When Buying LED Strips

New Loxone RGBW LED strips

Our RGBW LED strips combine colour (RGB) and warm white (W) in a strip. We’ve done an extensive updated to the RGBW LED strips and can now offer even more quality as well as better colours for the same price as before. The improvements in detail:

New LEDs: RGBW combined for more colour

Our new LED strip is fitted with 300 LED chips along its 5m length (instead of the usual 150 chips found in most other strips). The new strip combines RGB and warm white together into one chip (previously these were separate chips). So whilst the strip loses a little luminosity in the warm white department, the colour range is now even stronger and brighter. This was a compromise that we were happy to accept, partly because the old strip was usually used for dimmed warm white anyway.

Low consumption

The new chips on the RGBW LED strip also consume less energy! A new Loxone RGBW LED Strip consumes only 86 Watts at 5 meters in length, whereas the old LED Strip came to 101 Watts. A single channel at full luminosity is only 20 Watts (Red) to 23 Watts (Green).

Powerful light

Those who are already using one of our 5m RGBW LED strips will know that they give out plenty of light, even with indirect lighting. Our new LED strip has the following Lumens values:

Red 600 – 800 Lm
Green 650 – 1,100 Lm
Blue 300 – 550 Lm
Warm white 1,600 – 2,000 Lm

Easy installation: quick connectors and wire end ferrules!

You can put down the soldering iron. The RGBW LED Strip has two corner connectors and two connectors to extend it. In addition to the cables, ferrules are now attached to save time when installing.

The new Loxone RGBW LED strips can now be cut every 10cm (6 LEDs).

RGBW LED Streifen teilen

10m LED strips in one piece

You can now control up to 10m of RGBW LED strips with a single Loxone RGBW Dimmer, as the pathways have been optimised.

(Note: please be careful here, however, and if you’re in any doubt as to which Extension or power supply to choose, please give us a call on 01183 130 140 and we’ll help you).

Type & price

As always, we offer the RGBW LED strips in 3 versions for different applications. Despite the many improvements, you’ll be pleased to know that the prices will be staying the same!

RGBW LED Streifen Typen

IP 20 (not protected) IP 65 (splashproof) IP 68 (waterproof)
Ideal for use in living rooms.£117.00 Item No: 200098 Great for kitchens. £120.00 Item No: 200099 Best for gardens and swimming pools. £123.00 Item No: 200100

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Also available in a set

The new RGBW LED strips are now also available in these two sets:

Loxone RGBW LED Set Air Loxone RGBW LED Set DMX
Consists of one 24V RGBW Dimmer Air and a 5m RGBW LED strip (IP65) Includes one 24V Dimmer DMX and a 5m RGBW LED strip (IP65)

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Please note: we would not recommend combining the old and new Loxone RGBW LED Strips in the same installation, as the colour space of the strips is slightly different.