Loxone Awards 2024

Jacob Sugden
31st May 2024 in Backstage
The Loxone Partner Awards for the ‘Residential’ and ‘Commercial’ categories were presented for the first time at the Product Conference 2024. The winners are not only recognised for their exceptional installs – they also get to take home a unique trophy, that is literally a work of art.

A special moment:
The presentation of the first Loxone Partner Awards at the Product Conference 2024

For the first time in Loxone’s history, we have presented the Loxone Partner Awards. The awards honour outstanding projects and innovations in the ‘Residential’ and ‘Commercial’ sectors.

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An award with meaning

The shape of the Loxone Award is the continuation of an art installation on the Loxone Campus. It consists of five strands that symbolise the Loxone Tree technology. Each of the five strands of the artwork comprises of 50 leaves, which is the maximum number of Tree devices per strand. The leaves are made of concrete, which gives them a special texture and aesthetic. Golden elements on the leaves symbolise conductivity and are an analogy to the conductor tracks on Loxone products. The shapes of the leaves are based on Loxone’s corporate design, creating a harmonious connection between art and the brand.

The leaf symbolises success and innovation

Each leaf presented as part of the Loxone Partner Awards carries a deeper meaning. It symbolises not only the connection to the innovative Loxone technology, but also the creativity and commitment of the Partners who has been recognised for their outstanding project.

The winners

The Loxone Partner Awards were presented in every Loxone branch around the world for the categories of best Commercial and Residential install in the respective region. We are delighted to present the UK winners below:

Category: Commercial Install

Winner: JSJ Smart Homes in collaboration with Miron Energy Efficiency
Finalists: Lyttle Smart Homes | Fayer

Category: Residential Install

Winners and Finalists

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