New: Loxone Valve Actuator Air For Wireless Smart Heating Control

29th September 2015 in Technology

It’s finally here! The Loxone Valve Actuator Air has arrived in our webshop just in time for the clocks going back and the colder weather setting in.

Imagine, you come home in the evening after a long day at work and each room is heated to exactly the right temperature. We’re not just talking about switching your boiler on remotely to warm up your home for when you return. We’re talking about heating each and every room at different times and to different temperatures – something many smart thermostats just can’t do. 

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Now, the superscrimper in you may surely think “Well, if I never use the spare bedroom, I’ll just turn the radiator off and be done with it”. Sure, that makes sense for a room you hardly ever use, however, most people will use different rooms in their homes at different times of day. In the mornings, most people go from bedroom to bathroom to kitchen and out the door. In the evenings, it’s kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom and then bedroom…give or take. So why waste money heating the entire house when you’re not using it?

Smart Heating

Smart heating isn’t a new concept – we’ve been offering intelligent zoned heating control for many years. What is new is the ability to retrofit a smart heating system. This means that anyone who’s renting or doesn’t fancy re-wiring their home can enjoy the benefits of a smart heating system.

My own house, whilst lovely, is absolutely freezing in the winter and heating it costs a small fortune at the moment. Last winter, I had three choices: 1.) heat the entire house twice a day and pay to heat every room, 2.) the first option plus running around the house twice a day turning the radiators up and down to cut costs or 3.) fill up 4 hot water bottles and leave the heating off as long as possible. This year, I hope to be nice and toasty and saving a pretty penny too thanks to the Valve Actuator Airs adorning my radiators. Roll on winter.

Individual Room Temperature Control

The new Valve Actuator Air allows for precise heating control on an individual room level, so you can set up rooms and zones and control radiators and heating manifolds according to your schedule. This single-room temperature control is great for saving energy (and money too).

Packed With Technology

Our developers have packed a lot of technology into a small space! The wireless actuator features a high-quality and ultra-quiet stepper motor. The energy consumption of the actuator itself is so low that it can run for up to two years on the same batteries. If you don’t fancy the idea of batteries, the actuator can also be operated by connecting it to a 24V power supply. 

In addition, there’s an in-built temperature sensor and a button on top of the actuator to assign as you see fit. We think using it as a ‘boost’ button is a good one to go for.


If you’re the tl;dr type, here are the key facts you need to know about the Valve Actuator Air:

  • Perfectly suited for precise individual room temperature control
  • Power supply via battery or 24V power supply
  • Long battery life (up to 2 years)
  • Quiet as a whisper thanks to its high-quality stepper motor
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Integrated button that can be assigned to any function you choose
  • Compatible with all standard valves (adapters available in our webshop here)


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More about Smart Heating

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