Loxone LED Spots: Smart Lighting. Maximum Efficiency. Fully Dimmable

3rd March 2016 in Technology

Exercise aside, there’s hardly anything that affects our mood as much as light. Whether for reading, working, watching a film or setting the scene for a romantic dinner for two, the right lighting can make all the difference.  At least that’s what we believe, so we’ve set about creating our very own LED spotlights for your smart home.

The Loxone LED Spots combine perfect lighting, maximum energy efficiency, high quality and easy installation in one. We’re thrilled to launch the following LED spots:

Loxone LED Spot RGBW Loxone LED Spot WW



Combines a colourful spectrum of light with the warm tones of warm white, allowing you to instantly change the look and feel of a room. With a colour temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, these spots emit a pleasant warm white, ideal for everyday living.
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Loxone LED Spot Lichtszene

A to A++: Maximum Energy Efficiency

Loxone LED Spots Energieklasse A++

With an energy efficiency rating from A to A ++ and a maximum power consumption of 4 Watts and 5.4 Watts for Warm White and RGBW respectively, you can rest assured that your lights not only look good, but do their bit to conserve energy too.

Top Quality – Produced in Europe

No matter what product we develop, we always place the greatest importance on producing high quality, reliable technology, which is one of the reasons our LED spots are manufactured in Europe:

Quality brand LEDs
To create the perfect light you need the right number and quality of LED chips. We only use renown LED chip manufacturers and integrated 12 multi-chip 12 LEDs for RGB and 4 high power Warm White chips in our spot.

Sophisticated aluminium heatsink
Compared to many other LED spots, the heat sink is not closed, but consists of individual ribs. This construction provides a greater surface area, which provides better cooling of the LED chips.

Long lifespan
The better the cooling process of LED chips, the longer they last. Our Loxone LED spots shine circa. 25,000 hours or 25 years (assuming 2.7 hours usage per day).

>80 Ra colour rendering
The Colour Rendering Index (CRI or Ra) is a scale from 0 to 100 indicating how accurate a “given” light source is at rendering colour when compared to a “reference” light source. The higher the CRI, the better the colour rendering ability. Our RGBW LED spots have a colour rendering index of more than 80 Ra.

Loxone LED Spot WW

Acrylic glass lens for WW
Unlike the RGBW LED Spot, no diffuser is necessary for WW. Instead, a high-quality acrylic lens is used to create evenly distributed light.

Retaining springs with caps
With the retaining springs, assembly is a cinch. The caps ensure the plasterboard ceiling is not damaged during installation too.

Diffuser for coloured light
The RGBW LED Spot consists of four colour channels and one channel for Warm White. To ensure a perfectly even distribution of colour, a diffusion screen has been built into our RGBW LED Spot.

Durable finish

Individually adjustable

The modern LED Spot can be fitted in ceilings, walls or furniture – no matter what style of furnishing. Thanks to its standard size requiring a 68mm – 72mm diameter cut out and a shallow mounting depth of only 60mm, the LED spots are straightforward to install. The high output, even distribution and wide beam angle of 120 ° also mean that you won’t need to install too many of them, even in large rooms. Both Spots are fitted with a swiveling head, so that you can angle the light beam to highlight specific areas of the room or furniture.

Perfect with the Loxone RGBW 24V Dimmer

Loxone RGBW Dimmer 24VThe Loxone LED Spots are powered via 24V. Combine them with our RGBW 24V Dimmer Air or DMX to enjoy smooth dimming as part of your lighting scenes.  With one 24V Dimmer, you can control up to 32 WW LED Spots (eight per channel) or up to eight LED RGBW Spots.


Made by Loxone Lighting

In a modern home, there are many different light sources in any one room, and controlling them all is becoming increasingly complex.

Loxone Lighting, one of our Competence Centres, is dedicated to creating products to meet the growing demand for smart lighting in homes. Their focus is creating products that integrate seamlessly with other Loxone Smart Home components, such as the Loxone RGBW 24V dimmers. These recessed spotlights are just the beginning, many more exciting lighting products will follow!

Loxone LED Spot Kuechenbeleuchtung

Give your home a whole new look!

To enjoy our new LED Spots in your home, simply head over to our webshop, or contact a Loxone Partner in your area.