lite magazine awards quadral Install speaker 7 with high rating

Jacob Sugden
17th February 2023 in Technology

Roman Maier, Managing Director of the renowned german magazine lite, put the Install Speaker 7 Passive speaker to the test. It was a potentially difficult starting position for the Install Speaker 7 – after all, the expert is used to large hi-fi systems. So, does the install speaker manage to convince the tester’s critical ears – despite an installation depth of less than four inches?

Installation and retrofitting of the speakers

Right at the beginning, the expert clears up two prejudices. On the one hand, he already teases that now, built-in speakers can do more than just keep up with systems with the corresponding case volume. On the other hand, he provides tips on how built-in speakers can be retrofitted in brick or concrete buildings in just a few simple steps.

In the test, Maier considers the Install Speaker 7 Passive as a ceiling speaker, however, he also puts the speakers to the test by installing them in the wall either side of the television. The most important advantages are obvious to the expert: no visible cables, quick installation and affordable quality. The expert recommends considering proper sound reinforcement, especially for those who might also be planning to have in-ceiling spots retrofitted at the same time as having speakers installed.

Small, but oh my! – Sound, bass and stagger

Now, let’s talk about the most important thing: How does the expert rate the sound? Maier particularly praises the impressive sound that the Install Speaker 7 Passive creates. Plus, how it can achieve this over a wide space, not just directly under or next to the speakers. The speakers achieve this primarily thanks to the specially designed diaphragm shape, which ensures a wide dispersion pattern. Even with demanding, dynamic pieces, the Install Speaker 7 Passive inspires the critic.

The bass is also a positive. Maier emphasises the cleanliness, the impulse behaviour and the lack of distortion. The Install Speaker 7 Passive delivers a decent bass foundation despite the lack of a speaker back box.

The expert is taken aback with the honest tuning, its spatially-correct nature, the staggering and the attention to detail in all examples.

In-Ceiling 7 Einbaulautsprecher von Quadral

Multifunctional, multimedia, multi-room: The all-rounder among built-in speakers

It’s not only when listening to music… Maier also enjoys the genuine, unadulterated sound output of the Install Speaker 7 Passive when simply watching TV. Maier himself puts it this way:

Everything seems clean, purposeful and substantial from the first moment. Or rather: just right!

He then brings up the comparison with the integrated TV speakers – but only as a cautionary example.

With an appropriate multi-room setup, the in-ceiling speakers then unveil their full potential. In a perfectly coordinated manner with Loxone, ensuring an impressive audio experience can be created throughout the entire living space which is second to none.


Flying colours: The Install Speaker 7 Passive scores 239 out of 240 points

Roman Maier’s conclusion attests to the quadral Install Speaker 7 Passive’s distinction as a highlight. With a very good price/performance ratio, he recommends the in-ceiling speakers without reservations to readers.

You can find the full test report here.

Even more high-quality sound


If you’re looking for great high quality speakers, you’ll find them in our wide range of quadral speakers. To build a fully comprehensive multi-room setup, we recommend – among others – the Signum 20 or the Signum 70, which have also been given high praise and awards by industry experts.

Ideal for smaller rooms or the effects channels of a surround sound setup: the quadral Signum 20.

In-Ceiling 7 Einbaulautsprecher von Quadral

Excellent fine dynamics and powerful double bass equipment: the quadral Signum 70.

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