How to create ambient lighting in your home

14th October 2016 in Know How

We all need light as we need air for breathing and the right lighting can transform the look and feel of your home. Lighting has the ability to influence our moods, and to create drama and contrast within a room. In this blog, we’re taking a look at how you can create ambient lighting to enhance your home using LED strips. The best bit? You won’t need to undertake any expensive or intrusive renovation work – we’ll show you how you can install LED strips retrospectively without the need for wiring.

Make your home a more exciting place to be with ambient lighting

Home lighting doesn’t have to be restricted to just the simple ceiling pendant. Mood lighting combines a variety of different lighting types like downlights, ceiling light, concealed light and much more. By combining these lighting types and using colored light you can create various lighting scenes for watching TV, reading a book, hosting a party with your friends or having a relaxing bath.

Here’s an example of our Loxone Showhome. By changing the lighting scene of the room, we can also completely change the whole atmosphere.

Loxone Showhome

Use bright lights for dining with your sweetheart, playing with the kids or getting some work done.


Loxone Showhome

This colorful light scene is great for parties or when relaxing on the couch while watching TV.

Here is another impression of the kitchen in our brand new Loxone Showhome in Media, PA. By using our LED Strips under the kitchen cabinets, in the ceiling crown and around the kitchen island we are able to create unique light scenes that match every mood:

Atmospheric Lighting with Loxone

For cooking your dinner you need plenty of good light – like this cooking light scene.

Having guests over for dinner and want to impress them? Then choose one of these impressive lighting scenes:

Atmospheric Lighting with Loxone

Atmospheric Lighting with Loxone

Atmospheric Lighting with Loxone

Installing the LED strips is actually quite straightforward, and they’re easy to retrofit. Here’s how we did it:

Get your colored highLIGHT

Let’s take a look at our ambient lighting in our newest Showhome in Media, PA. In rooms like the kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom, we use RGBW LED strips in addition to our LED Spots, so that we can create unique color accents. As you’ve seen from the pictures above – it looks awesome!

Here you see what you need for your ambient lighting.

Loxone Lighting

The installation in 3 easy steps

Loxone Lighting - Step 1

  1. Place the LED Strip on the surface and cut it to the right length.

Loxone Lighting - Step 2

2. Connect the LED Strip with the Loxone 24V Dimmer Air or DMX.

Loxone Lighting - Step 3

3. Connect the power adapter to the RGBW Dimmer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a retrotfitter or building a new home, ambient lighting is possible for every type of home.

Configuration with our free Loxone Config

Open Loxone Config and add the RGBW Dimmer to your periphery by using the search function. Assign Room and Category to the RGBW Dimmer in the properties of the device. Finally, just click on “Auto Configure” and Loxone Config is doing the rest for your. The configuration is done including visualization for your Smartphone and Webbrowser!

Loxone Configuration for Atmospheric Lighting

To define your individual light scenes, just open your Loxone App and try different colors and moods and save them.

Our products for creating ambient lighting with LED strips

To realize your own ambient light you just need a few things. Here’s an example of all things you need to retrofit LED strips (besides that we have fully wired options available as well):

Loxone Miniserver Go

Miniserver Go
The Loxone Miniserver is the intelligent centre of your smart home. It connects to the RGBW Dimmer with the integrated Air technology and allows you to fully automate and control your home.

Loxone RGBW Dimmer Air

RGBW 24V Dimmer Air
To control the LED strips (or other 24V lights like our LED Spots), you need the RGBW 24V Dimmer Air. This device communicates wirelessly with the Miniserver Go.

Loxone LED Strip

RGBW LED strip
Our RGBW LED strip offers bright and highly energy efficient LEDs with millions of colors. They can be cut or extended to the right length.

Loxone Power Adaptor

Power Adapter 24V 6.25A
This power adaptor is perfect for powering the LED strips through the Loxone RGBW 24V Dimmer Air.

That’s it! And how does your color light look? Let us know at our Facebook page!

If you have questions, we’re here to help you. If you need some advice or guidance, you can contact us on (859) 554 3147 (Toll free)

Want more?

Lighting is just the beginning! Our Miniserver is able to do much more, like climate, shading, multiroom audio! Interested? Get in touch with us – we are happy to give you no-obligation free consulting. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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