Ambient Assisted Living – How automation gives Mika more independence

20th May 2021 in Case Studies
Mika’s disabilities mean that he struggles to walk and therefore uses a wheelchair to get around. His father, who is a Loxone Gold Partner, has used Loxone to provide Mika with more independence on a day-to-day basis. Their custom smart home is so impressive it was even featured on German television!

With a whole hoast of features, this Loxone smart home intuitively supports Mika in his everyday life. The fact that Mika does not need to go over to a light switch when entering a room because the home has automatic lighting is just one example of how automation fundamentally supports people with disabilities. However, as somewhat of a smart home expert, his father has implemented more extensive ambient assisted living functionality into the family home. 

Lift control with a personalised alarm function

Steps can be problematic for Mika. Therefore, to make it easier for him to move freely around the house the family had a lift installed. 

If a problem ever happened to occur in the lift, Mika just needs to press the alarm button and an emergency call is sent to members of his family. 

To achieve this, the alarm button in the lift serves as a digital input. Then, using the Alarm Sequence Function Block in Loxone Config, a notification sequence is triggered which informs Mika’s family in a pre-defined order through a phone call.  


Due to his professional experience, Mr. Kipfstuhl is an expert when it comes to dealing with lift control technology. We strongly advise consulting an expert when dealing with such matters.

Intelligentes Schlüsselbrett

Intelligent key board – with robot lawnmower control

The Kipfstuhls’ smart home even has an intelligent board for the family to place their keys on. When they return home, they simply attach their keys to this board using an iButton – this allows the Miniserver to know who is currently home. This impacts a whole range of features within the home from automatically playing Mum & Dad’s favourite playlist when they return home to automatically disabling the robot lawnmower when either of the kids are in.

P.S: It’s not only Mika’s safety that has been considered, to ensure none of the wildlife is harmed the lawnmower is called back into its charging station at sunset.

Loxone Showhome Partner

Perfectly customised app thanks to user rights management

Mika uses the Loxone App through a tablet to give him quick and easy control of some aspects of the system. Thanks to the simple management of user rights, it was quick and easy to create Mika an app that was perfectly customised to his needs without allowing him to change anything his parents do not want him to. Mika can now control lighting, shading and music in his room with just a few taps. 

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